Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sharing Sounds

I wanted to share a couple acts that I have followed for a short while. For no particular reason, I'm connecting with their music tonight. I am working on Like Sugar #23, so I am re-re-re-listening to my collection of unsorted mp3s. It's nice to discover several new tracks from an artist that you've been into.

So, check out Everyday Sensations here. This is synthpop with less of the dance-floor in mind and more intelligent in general.

Computerclub released their album in October 2008, but I just now began exploring more of it. Find them here. I really find their sound a perfect mesh of genres, and if you listen to my my podcasts, you'll hear why (a Joy Division / Editors / Interpol sound with a bit 'o shoegazer).

Also want to mention a great new synthpop track from Ostrich. It's called "Press Hold" and I hope to include it on Like Sugar 23.

Division Kent
have a new remix by p e a c e FIRE and it's available for preview here.


ps Burn down the disco, we don't need it anymore.

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