Friday, April 25, 2014

Going Nowhere

 It's really hard to update this blog when the Internet connection is about 12kbit/s. I cannot really stream anything, so I can't listen to new tunes. I am too broke to establish a connection ($90) here, so I am using my phone (1.5 GB per month... and I use that in a day). So, I do apologize. It's a been a creeping-lava-like progression for me. I did lose my job (despised it!) and found another the same day. But, the background check takes a week. I can say that where I live is nothing short of paradise. It's clean, safe, sunny, and friendly. Great views everywhere I go. I think I could have a future here, but that will require continued sacrifice (ie, going without American life-style luxuries).

 Snowy Norway's Apoptygma Berzerk has this announcement: "Those of you held on to their cassette decks over the past years are finally rewarded with new food for their players: "7" is being re-released on cassette, including no less than 13 bonus tracks, and coming in 7 (!) different colors to choose from. The edition is strictly limited to 200 units." You can order your copy here.
 Don't forget that Apop has covered Major Tom (Coming Home)

 Chicago's In On It shared these delicate tracks with me. I really like the darker sound-bank used here. Another example of the varied forms of Synthpop. 

Stay with me. More updates when the dust settles. More frequent thoughts on Twitter: @djtalbot 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Still Here

Music fans: you can find my picks on Twitter at @djtalbot
That is where I am for now, as I re-establish my life. Be sure to check into Hits In The Car and @hearshadowmusic for tunes that are very much in our taste. I have loads to share and I appreciate all the support. PopCasts will be returning. Cheers!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Showers

The Soundcloud tracks I post are in HTML 5 to allow Android and iOS mobile users to stream. For some reason, the option to embed via Soundcloud classic is not allowing me to copy the code. So, for now, the colors and size may be off. If anyone has trouble, please let me know.

This is pretty representative of the sound I strive to play and share. Found it via @itsatrap (who sent me here). Whoa! That player is huge, man!

This one is from The InBox... and it's a moody piece. Some classic synth sounds really set the tone. Thanks to these two Portuguese musicians now based in D.C.

Fanfarlo have a new video for their pleasant "Cell Song" off of the recent "Let's Go Extinct".

These guys are all about a good time. Uplifting, playful and aimed at the dancefloor, Kashe is an act I will be tuned into.