Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Driver

Like a Sunday driver, I am touring my music collection at a leisurely pace, caring nothing for the ears of others.

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs: I can say I enjoyed "Bixby Canyon Bridge", if only for that wonderful guitar the distinctive sound of the vocalist. The second track, "I Will Possess Your Heart" appeals, lyrically, but it's too long at 8:27! The next song "No Sunlight" is a sweet pop piece with time of 2:42. It's no single, I think: too generic. No real signature sound here.

Dave Gahan - Hourglass: It was released in 2007 and I still can't listen all the way through. I have a three song max on this disc. I want to love this album, but I get bored really fast.

KieTheVez - Non-Binary - Oh, oh, oh! I bought every CD I could get from these Swedish boys...I love this act. Always will, so I can't say anything bad about them. This is a synth act that can't record a bad song (except one: a poor cover. Email me if you want to know what it is). Anyway, the first track is dreamy and the second is leading us into a New Order like bass line realm with those distinctive KieTheVez layered, rising vocal. So perfect... meloncholy and uplifting at the same time! I love the Robert Smith inspired guitar. It's a great move for a synth-pop band.

The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers -Me likey, but need more time for it. It might not be ground breaking, but it is a nice break from the dancey tracks and sugary pop for me. I miss the dark element that this band has.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Live: San Diego: a.m. vibe

A.M. Vibe
June, 28 2008 at the Casbah
San Diego, California, USA
Cost : 5 bucks
with : reeve oliver, the blackout party

A.M. Vibe played with Venus Hum and Sing Sing (feat. Emma of Lush) some years ago and I was enthralled. Lisa's voice will melt your heart. She's been singing in her guitar for years Check out "Superstar" on Like Sugar Popcast 1. Their sound has been described as a combining the post-punk aggression of Nirvana and the fuzz of Stooges with the melodies of that like the Carpenters and the Pixies. Using their sometimes noisy, sometimes nice approach they deliver simple, irresistible and intelligent songs.
Buy the CD "Capricorno"at cdbaby
I have had mine since release and it never leaves my personal play-list!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Labrador Summer Sampler 2008

Labrador Summer Sampler 2008

A very exciting autumn approaches from Labrador with new albums from The Radio Dept. and Pelle Carlberg + new material from Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, The Sound of Arrows and The Legends. To keep you busy for a little while they have put together the perfect compilation to accompany warm and sunny days by the sea - the official Labrador Summer Sampler of 2008.Get it for free.

Download the MP3 sampler in zip-format here:

The Labrador summer sampler 2008 is a summerish* mix of recent favourites from The Sound of Arrows, The Radio Dept. and Club 8, lost classics from Acid House Kings, Caroline Soul and Chasing Dorotea and sun packed songs by [ingenting] and lots more. Full track listing below.


"Sweden's and the world's finest purveyor of pop music"

Track listing
1 [Ingenting] - Här Kommer Solen
2 The Sound of Arrows - Danger!
3 Sambassadeur - Final Say
4 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Funeral Face
5 Pelle Carlberg - I Love You, You Imbecile
6 Club 8 - You And Me
7 Johan Hedberg - Grammisgalan
8 The Radio Dept. - Freddie and the Trojan Horse
9 Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes
10 Tribeca - Her Breast Were Still Small
11 Chasing Dorotea - Dark Angel
12 The Mary Onettes - Explosions
13 The Legends - Darling
14 Leslies - Take A Look
15 Irene - By your side
16 Pelle Carlberg - Go to Hell, Miss Rydell
17 Club 8 - Jesus, Walk with Me (The Sound of Arrows remix)
18 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Trumpets and Violins
19 Acid House Kings - Start Anew
20 Irene - Little Lovin
21 The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
22 Club 8 - Whatever you Want
23 Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone
24 Loveninjas - Little Black Friends
25 [Ingenting] - Släpp In Solen
26 Caroline Soul - Been Turning (Into Something Bad)
27 Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning
28 Johan Hedberg - Var Dig Själv
29 The Legends - Make It All Right
30 The Sound of Arrows - Danger! (Ice cream shout)

*sorry, southern hemisphere. I know it's winter for you :(

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mighty Lemon Drops (video)

One of my favorites!

If you read or monitor my blog, I want to be sure to share the bands that are closest to my heart. Firstly, please look into Trembling Blue Stars. The "small world" thing happened to me...
I loved this band for some time, and then I discovered an old friend joined the band as a vocalist! I was overjoyed!

Bobby Wratten - guitar, vocals
Keris Howard - bass
Beth Arzy - vocals
Jonathan Akerman - drums, percussion

Currently available:
From LTM records:
"Her Handwriting" & "Lips That Taste Of Tears"
From Shinkansen Recordings, Elefant Records and Sub Pop:
"Broken By Whispers".
From Shinkansen Recordings and Sub Pop:
"Alive To Every Smile".
From Shinkansen Recordings and Elefant Records:
"A Certain Evening Light"
From Elefant Records and Bar-None:
"The Seven Autumn Flowers".
From Elefant Records:
"The Last Holy Writer".

From Shinkansen:
"The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss"
From Elefant Records:
"Southern Skies Appear Brighter", "Bathed In Blue" and "Exploring The Shadows".

Sickly Sweet Mix by Unphair

San Diego DJ Unphair has posted a new DNB mix. Her bio is here.

Visit For More Music From This Artist!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday, San Diego, CA, USA



So what is worth your ear's time? I think I can fill up a day's worth of hearing, but to tune into my wavelength, consider the following:

The Foxglove Hunt - with influences like The Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears For Fears, New Order, The Human League, The Smiths, The Psychedelic Furs... you know this is gonna be good. It's infectious! I hear a lot of New Order here, but that is probably due to the fact that Ronnie Martin is on this recording! He is the man behind Joy Electric and the brother of Jason Martin, of Starflyer 59 / Tooth and Nail Records fame. The brothers collaborated on the lovely "The Brothers Martin" project, which I highly recommend. I might mention that the Martins are Christians. Listen and think again about writing-off Christian artists. Listen to "The Plot That Weaves" and try not to get goose-bumps!

OK, so what is next in my heavy rotation? I can say that Gentle Touch keep resurfacing. "In Memory of Savannah" is a masterpiece of gentle synth sensibility. The whole affair could find some space on the dance-floor and on your iPod's most intimate "I want to be alone" moments. You buy it!

Universal Poplab's "Fame & Hate" is worth a mention. Dancey, echoey...the vocals remind me of Apoptygma Berserk. Fame and Hate (Emmon rmx) is 6 minutes of modern synthpop bliss! Remember, Emmon mixed up Take Me Home (Don Juan Dracula), Melody Club's "Fever Fever" and "Baby Stand Up"...and I had great success when I DJ'd these tracks!

It's taking a long time to get Portishead's "Third" to grow on me. I was a trip-hop DJ for years, and that's how I made my mark, but it's 2008 and I guess I just wanted more of 1998. Beth Gibbons sounds as fresh as ever, but the whole of it has been wrecked., for me, by imitators, I think.

Morten Harket's "Darkspace" has me freaking out. This is pop at its best. No apologies here. The lyrics drip with moons, hearts, love, and wherevers. This is the unmistakable voice of Morten Harket of Ah-Ha, who will be always be remembered for 1985's "Take On Me". Norwegians ho!

The Futureheads "This Is Not The World". Only about 40 minutes long, but every track was worth including. No B-sides here. I love the sing-along choruses. This band continues to appeal to me and I can't really put a finger on why. Perhaps it's the accent, the 3 minute songs and the punky choruses. "Radio Heart" will likely find its way onto an upcoming mix.

On a local mention, Jezebel and The Verso are scheduled for the Ken Club, June 20th. I have call in with Dorian, vox/ guitar of Jezebel to confirm the show. Post-punk lives through these San Diego bands, so please support 'em!

Awestruck Dumbfounded

Time. It is a theme that is "always on my mind", my music, my art and, oddly, my clock. Since it's been 19 years since I escaped high school, I am thinking about just what the Hell I have done in that time.
A high school friend, who I was recently in contact with (thanks to facebook), formed a band and they are or were called "Awestruck Dumbfounded". The only recording is on SHMAT05 - A Map of the Woods - Shmat Compilation CD.
You can hear their wonderful popsong Run Of The Mill Boy there. My point? After all these years, one of the only people that was into "my" music turned out to like the same pop-sound some 15 years later. We both were huge Cure fans, Smiths fans, Depeche Mode...Duran Duran... Love and Rockets, Ministry and especially Skinny Puppy fans. Oh, and I can't forget The Bolshoi, Siouxsie, Nitzer Ebb, etc. The gentle pop sounds that we create now are far removed from these acts.

Thank-you, Alex for the mention on your blog! I hope my readers will check out: Alex Loves You & Your Silly Pop Songs. I know I get a lot of info on who to listen to from her blog!

Friday, June 13, 2008



A new CD from Kie The Vez is out! I am moving this week, so I guess I am being lazy about's what A Different Drum says about "Non-Binary" from Kie The Vez (a name taken from Emilio Eztevez and Keanu Reeves):
After two albums and several singles released in the synthpop underground of the 90's, Kiethevez faded from the spotlight. But they never stopped writing and recording quality, intelligent pop music, and now that music comes to light with the NON-BINARY album. The music is more mature and intricate than ever, with top notch, melancholy vocals and a blend of electronic programing with other instruments. In the case of Kiethevez, they've definitely saved the best for last! Don't miss out on one of the best releases of 2008, for fans of synthpop as well as fans of all quality pop music.

Tracklist: (hear a sample of each track at A Different Drum)

1. One world for the next
2. A million days
3. M
4. End of a bright night
5. How are we doing today
6. Non compos mentis
7. Niamh
8. Always a boy
9. Three
10. Be alone together
11. 26

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Young Punx (video)

Time Keeps On....

The Streets "Weak Become Heroes" was back in 2002? Wow, time flies. My next-younger brother (I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters) visited me today and I was moved to think about some old songs and inside jokes (mostly Family Guy and Pinicface.) c

Big beefy bouncers out to reveal us geezers on e's and first timers kids on whizz darlin's on
All come together for this party
All races many faces from places you never heard of
Where you from what's your name and what you on
Sing to the words flex to the fat ones
The tribal drums the sun's risin
we all smile we all sing

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coming Home

After six months of self-imposed exile, I will return to my home of 8 years. University Heights neighborhood of San Diego is my home.

Summer is Soon... time for a mix

I want to post a mix of "Summer Songs", but I am overwhelmed with submissions (from my own summer-soaked brain.) I have a working track-list...and the genres are all over the place. Let's just post what they are for now and hope it all makes sense when I line the songs up for an hour-long mp3. I hate key-clashes, so much so that my choice of songs can be altered to avoid key-clashes!
So, up for consideration:
Aberdeen - Sunny in California
The Alarm - Rain In the Summertime
Cocteau Twins - Summerhead
Anything Box - Summer
The Dust of Basement - Summer
The Legends - He Knows The Sun
Puracane - Summertime Rolls (Jane's Addiction cover)
Everyday Sensations - When Summertime Falls We'll All Forget
Goldfrapp - A&E
Aberdeen - Super Sunny Summer
Biker Boy - May Song
The Lucksmiths - Summertown
Sing-sing - Feels Like Summer
Belle & Sebastian - Summer Wasting
Rialto - Summer's Over
Trembling Blue Stars - Last Summer's Obsession
Anneli Drecker - Sexy Love
Club 8 - Summer Rain
Delays - Winter Memories of Summer
Bel Canto - Summer
De/Vision - Summer Sun
The Cure - Snow In Summer
Art Brut - Sound of Summer
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
Ice Cube - My Summer Vacation

Oh! I found the Cocteau Twins on YouTube! Summerhead: