Friday, January 24, 2014

New Track by The Mary Onettes

Hot on the heels of a US / Canada tour-dates announcement, Sweden's The Mary Onettes offer a new track from their upcoming mini-album:

North American Tour:
March 3 – Under The Snow Festival, Montreal, CA
March 5 – Boston @ Great Scott
March 6 – Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda’s
March 7 – Brooklyn @ Glasslands
March 8 – Savannah @ Savannah Stopover
March 9 – TBD
March 10 – 16 – SXSW
March 17 – Tuscon @ TBD
March 18 – San Diego @ Soda Bar
March 21 – San Francisco @ Neck of The Woods

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turn It Down!

I have been asked to turn it down four times since I moved into my current hovel. That is not a good sign. I can honestly say I had to turn the volume dial a few reduce the noise. Upstairs occupants are not tolerating any sound at 7 p.m. Because I am a guest here, I must comply. I am searching out the best place to live... one that has no shared floors or walls.

This is what Keane would sound like if they formed a super-group with The Killers:

What? Another HUSH! track:

This is from my Inbox and I am rather happy that I checked it today. Instantly catchy:

Astari Nite: A Collage of New Wave, Darkwave, and Indie Sounds

Astari Nite present their full-length album “Stereo Waltz”, which is currently available for a “name your price” download here. A collage of New Wave, Darkwave, and Indie sounds, this act has my ear! A solid effort that charges right out of the gate. Just enough electronics to keep a place on the dancefloor and your iPod.

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Monday, So Let Me Brighten It

This synth-driven gem should add some light to your day:

Or, how about something from Down Under? It's Summertime there, so this catchy indie track should help with Monday blues:

Found this via It's A Trap (on Twitter):

I love their track "Book Of Advice"! I think it's the strings and similarity to Shout Out Louds. If nothing is showing above, I will fix it later. It's a holiday here, after all.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Synthpop For Your Saturday

Feeling under the weather today, so this Saturday post arrives late. After living and working alone for 13 years (except for a few months), I think I have no immunity to colds. I am in the Sunshine State now, and it's really rather cold. Also, I am living on a sofa and around people more. Hence, the 2nd illness since November for me. Puked yesterday (and sober too! It must be noted). Insomnia struck me last night.

To kick off the new year, Stripmall Architecture offer a new track today. Their version of GusGus' "Blue Mug" is available as a free download right now...
Rebecca and Ryan wrote "We first heard this song when GusGus released their demo version on a compilation. When they released their final version, they had taken the song in a completely different direction. We've always loved both versions, but, for our take on it, we tried to imagine what the final version might have sounded like if we, a totally different pair of  from a very different background, had written that demo. What would our final version have sounded like?"

Deezer is offering an exclusive stream of the 'Amalfi Remix EP', including 4 unique remakes of the Hooverphonic hit single by Hermanos Inglesos, Jetlag, WAP and Milldyke. The remix bundle is released worldwide on January 17th, but you can already hear it on Deezer today UNLESS you are in America, Deezer. Dumb name.

 photo 1606985_10153659274240577_281933563_zpsb88a7a3f.jpg
Read-up on Gary Numan in this new article over at Filter Magazine. Interesting interview. Find out what is the best song he ever wrote and more.

I heard from Moto Boy: "First single from my new album! Yes! Finally! It took me four years. Thanks for waiting. Someday is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album. It's an anthemic lullaby in the spirit of fuck all and follow your heart. My third album, “Keep Your Darkness Secret,” will be out on March 26th, 2014."
My obsession with Swedish acts continues, and you can hear why. This is Top Ten of 2014 material for me!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bleeding Rainbow and Eternal Summers Have New Albums Coming Soon

"Gouge" is the first single from the upcoming (March 4, 2014) album The Drop Beneath by Eternal Summers. Kanine Records comments: "It features the band taking a darker, slightly shoegazier turn.” Pre-order here.

Also on Kanine Records, Philadelphia rockers Bleeding Rainbow "expanded from a duo to a quartet for their sophomore LP Yeah Right, expanding their sound as well to include some of the brighter sounds from 1990s UK shoegaze. On February 25, Kanine will release Bleeding Rainbow’s third album, Interrupt; “So You Know” finds the band continuing down the path they blazed with their last one, cleaning up their sound just a smidge."

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid-Week Update

 photo artworks-000063059911-2683w9-t500x5_zpsafa13a11.jpg
Just a few selections for you. I am still not settled-in here in Florida. One day I hate it here, and the next I feel mildly apathetic. At least I can relax a little, now that I have a temporary living situation. I have always said that looking for a job is the hardest job.

New from Labrador!

Brilliant indiepop from Spain's Lost Tapes:

A lovely synthappy remix of Alpaca Sports' "Telephone":

Stripmall Architecture always satisfies. This is one has a slower tempo, and is a fantastic chill out track:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Synthpop For Your Saturday

Brand-new electro-pop for 2014 from New Arcades (goodness from and free)!

New Arcades Facebook page.

This one was posted over at Hits In The Car, but it's so good I had to re-post it (thanks M.S.).

Instrumental goodness from France.

Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm On The East Coast..and Listening

Two from The East Coast, where I just moved. DC's Dot Dash, featuring ex-members of Julie Ocean, The Saturday People (Slumberland label), Youth Brigade (Dischord), etc. offer a free download of "Shopworn Excuse". This bright post-punk act has released three albums so far: 'Half-Remembered Dream' (Sept. 2013), 'Winter Garden Light' (Sept. 2012) and 'spark>flame>ember>ash' (Sept. 2011), all released by Canadian indie label The Beautiful Music.
I'm glad I delved into my Inbox today, because these guys are right up my alley.

Fans of  noisier acts like Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and Swervedriver will enjoy the new album "Lull" from Virginia's Tideland

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

A few I have been streaming these past few weeks via Soundcloud:

Female vocals, dreamy electronics. Reminds me of Venus Hum.

Mellow male vocals and nice drum machine beats.

Indiepop continues to hold my interest. Can I just call this one "fun"?

2013 was not the best year for Like Sugar. I don't think I published more than one or two podcasts. Moving 2,466 miles and  into some serious drama was not helpful for the blog. The shut-down of in the middle of my move nearly paralyzed my inflow of new music discoveries. At the time of this post, I still have no permanent abode, but I do have a laptop and access to the Internet just about anywhere via this jetpack.
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One more before I go, some "froth rock" from Austrailia: