Monday, November 30, 2009

Le Sport? New Material?

I could be way off on this, but I found a link to "new Le Sport" material today. Here is the link:
As far as I knew, they announced they broke up. If you know otherwise, please let me know. Le Sport created some of the best modern synthpop of 2000- now, I feel. "Euro, Deluxe Dance Party" is soooo good. Very New Order/Pet Shop Boys.
Comments welcome!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Electric Pop Group due January 2010

The Electric Pop Group (listed influences: Another Sunny Day, Brighter, The Field Mice, Harper Lee, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Razorcuts, Ride, The Smiths, Stereolab, The Stone Roses etc.) have announced:
"Our new album, "Seconds", is finally recorded, mixed and mastered!
It will be released in January 2010 by Matinée Recordings, and if you'd like to get hold of it as soon as possible, it's available for preordering now at The Matinée Shop.
We will also have one of our new songs, "Believers", released on a new compilation, called "The Matinée Grand Prix". This record is also available for preordering now at the Matinée Shop."

This listener can't find a bad song by this artist. I highly recommend listening to the tracks on their myspace page. Check out some of their "friends" too, as there are many perhaps-unknown artists that may appeal to you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where Is My Mind?

DJ Talbot

So, sometimes, I stay in. There are so many great music nights here in San Diego. I am friends with enough DJs to keep going and going....but sometimes, I just want to explore new music and mix tracks together while doing so. Two monitors makes it much easier. I miss having three computers, but the wife took hers, and I gave the other to a brother. The interesting part here, is, I look at just what the hell I played when I wake up the next day. Some of these "mixes" are so eclectic, I can't fathom what I was feeling when I lined up the tracks. I say feeling, not thinking, for certainly it's all about the feel and rational thought is ignored. A "happy" song or two, and then a very dark one is wedged in. Nostalgia seems to be a running theme. The track list starts out with dancey, newish material and crashes into a wall of the music of my youth in the end. With YouTube, this pattern can really make me feel a certain sense of degeneration. YouTube has so many songs that I simply lost, own on cassette or never owned at all. The images of the video aren't so important as the actual song. Just finding that 80's alternative track that I haven't heard in 20 plus years evokes a lot of emotion....and I hated every day of my childhood. I think music was and continues to be an escape for me. Some aspect of this escape is a positive and certainly some of it can be negative.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

DJ Edgartronic tonight!

If I can gather myself together, get some oil (Tin-man style), I might make it out to this excellent San Diego pairing: DJ Edgartronic and Hot Pink Delorean.


Be sure to add no matter where you live. He's got excellent mixes up on his re-launched site. This DJ is San Diego's rising star and is in high demand. Don't know how he does it, really. He spins sets for so many artists I love...and so often. He's big on vinyl, so you know he's worked hard for his reputation.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sambassadeur - Free MP3

Sambassadeur - Free MP3 of the upcoming single "Days."

Labrador Records writes:

"Sambassadeur are right now putting the final touch to their upcoming album "European" which will be out on February 24. Without revealing too much the band has told us that electric guitars were prohibited on the recordings.

A first single called "Days" will be out on December 2. You can download it for free today -----> here."

I really liked the song "Final Say" and I played it on Like Sugar PopCast 5.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eux Autres new release

I am a little late in posting this announcement. Saw these two play live a couple years ago and I have enjoyed everything they've released. Nicholas, of Eux Autres writes:
"Just a quick little note to let you know that our new EP, Strangled Days, is
out in the US today! Pick it up at any of your favorite online retailers.
Most of the EP is currently streaming at
vinyl copies are available from the UK through and
Keep your eyes peeled for a new Christmas 7" in November. Pre-sale info to come soon...
Eux Autres

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brim Liski for Ulrich Schnauss fans

Came across this on twitter today:
One Track Mind writes of Brim Liski "...the band themselves are referring to [their sound] as “dance doom,” with other suitable orienting points including the gothic guilded electronics of Depeche Mode and Massive Attack or the open skies navigated by Bel Canto and This Mortal Coil".
How appealing is that? Thanks, One Track Mind for this excellent find!
"Fans of artists such as Ulrich Schnauss or Syntaks will feel at home with the soaring, blissed out textures of Brim Liski".

Friday, November 13, 2009

Deep Down Drama Hound

Sitting here, waiting for something to trigger a more up-beat mood...need to finish Like Sugar Popcast 28. It was due out 5 days ago.
Getting into the sounds of Dag for Dag... Drowned In Sound writes: "Dag for Dag combine early-Cure, Violent Femmes, Cramps, and (perhaps) early Low (an inevitable effect of forlorn female vocals and minimal instrumentation)".
I thought I was exploring some Swedish stuff, but these two are actually newly signed to Saddle Creek and come from America! They wandered about, it seems, and ended up close to where I nearly landed.
Somehow, Bjork's "I Play Dead" seemed the perfect follow-up track and it's now making me dance dramatically.
I have 2 sets of friends (married couples that have never met) visiting Las Vegas this weekend. Coincidence. I hope couple 2 enjoy the Leonard Cohen concert. Utah is the farthest I have traveled to see a band (Synth Con. I had to see Wave In Head, Somegirl, Provision, etc)
Saw a nice announcement at Stereogum. I read that Magnetic Fields have released the cover art and track-list for the upcomimg "Realism" album.
(Suede "Stay Together" now playing)
Tried to get a new Tahiti 80 free(?) mp3 this week, but it ended up being a preview. That "A Love From Outerspace" track is really timeless for me.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Mesh

Mesh "A Perfect Solution" (new!!) is now available. Put on your friend-hat and order it from A Different Drum: $15 "This latest offering from Mesh fits right in with their other top-notch productions. It is more edgy and agitated than their last epic album, "We Collide" but fits right in with their high standards at the very top of the synthpop scene. This time it is released in the USA so you can get it for a good price too! Order the CD here :
http://www.adiffere buy/MET618/ Mesh-A-Perfect- Solution
With tracks with these titles, you know it's gonna be emotional:
1. If We Stay Here
2. Only Better
3. Everything I Made
4. Is It So Hard
5. Hold It Together
6. It's Gone
7. How Long
8. Who Says
9. Hope, Dreams
10. Want You
11. The Bitter End
*Beavis and Butt-head sounds* for track 4. You could take one title's word and exchange it for another to create a classic Mesh track. My favorite album is still "Original 91-93"... many good tracks on that one.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Mary Onettes "Islands" - New album out today!

Labrador Records says:
The Mary Onettes "Islands" - New album out today!

The Mary Onettes’ critically acclaimed debut was described as the perfect mix between A-ha and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Now they are back with a grandiose new album that is...well, what can we say? It's pure perfection and the best album you'll hear this year. No less.

Halloween 2009

Yes, I emerged from my cave and braved my fears. Oddly, I was not photographed so much as the photographer. I did not wear a costume, so I felt like a loser (Sometimes I Feel Like A Loser). All I know is I danced. A lot. Very therapeutic. Thank-you Club Sabbat and whatever warehouse party we ended-up at.
Anyway, here's a few pics that came out (most were of people's backs):
Halloween 2009