Thursday, May 28, 2015

Latest Recommendations - New Wave, Synthpop, Indie

Not much new to report since last post. I'm 99% sure I am hired at the job I applied for (I arrived on a Tuesday, found this job on the following Saturday). It's full-time, which is a God-send. I will be relatively autonomous and on the road all day. Perfect. The hiring manager really connected with me. He was in a band in the Northwest and has a real D.I.Y. philosophy.

On to my latest recommendations:

I love both the new-wave music and the theme from France's You Are Number Six:

Another keeper from Corsica Arts Club . Can't wait for the new EP coming in June.

A wonderful new single from Jenny Broke The Window (Australia) debuted right here. It's bouncy as can be and titled Black Skeleton.

I was really never exposed to The Names in my youth, but I am sure I would have loved them in the 80's. I quite like this one, for example:

Darla Records has exclusive new material from them: "Stranger Than You, the fourth studio album by acclaimed Belgian cold wave group The Names, known for their early association with Factory Records and producer Martin ‘Zero' Hannett."

Here's an uplifting tune with deep male vocals, my favorite kind o' synthpop (of course, it's made in Germany):

Monday, May 4, 2015

Back To Cali

Another fine music blog is closing it's doors. Read the goodbye from Slicing Up Eyeballs.
I actually never knew what the hell slicing up eyeballs meant until one recent day when, for no reason, I was listening closely to The Pixies and heard the phrase. Best of luck to Matt!

I am back on the B(W)est Coast.

A couple tracks I'm into at the moment: