Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 is Here... and so am I

I have been rather infrequent with this blog's updates since moving to Florida in November, 2013. I can point to moving around a bit as a big reason. A necessary need to focus on surviving, rather than hobbies also altered my output. I now have a persistent, blazing fast connection and a new computer. There has been a shift to streaming music and that has impacted my desire to blog (you can discover new music on your own now... who needs my suggestions when there are tags like "postpunk" and "synthpop"?).

Lola Dutronic was played on an early podcast I did and I am glad to see more from them. This one reminds me of Hooverphonic a bit:

Some fine synthpop from Finland. It's not all polished and slick. I really like this quality. It's as if you can hear the effort that went into creating the song. This one has so many aspects of synthpop (except the name "Uncle Tan" which is short for Taneli, but anything "uncle" sounds creepy to Americans)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Like Sugar mp3 Updates Part 1

I am updating the links to my Like Sugar PopCasts (now on Google Drive; you can download the .mp3 or use a plug-in to stream the shows).

Like Sugar - PopCast 1

Like Sugar - PopCast 2

Like Sugar - PopCast 3

Like Sugar - PopCast 4

Like Sugar - PopCast 5 (January 2008)

Like Sugar - PopCast 6

Like Sugar - PopCast 7

Like Sugar - PopCast 8

Like Sugar - PopCast 9

Like Sugar - PopCast 10

Hear my indie / synthpop / post punk / dreampop / powerpop / ethereal selections on:











Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ramblin' Man

I moved again. I am now 3 miles more North and about a six minute walk to the beach. This is a short-term location and I will travel onward by the end of the year. It's kind of neat to live in Treasure Island (for the 10 year old in me).

As I keep saying, I post my music discoveries and recommendations on Twitter often. It's simply easier and reaches a larger audience on more devices. So, I am @djtalbot if you want to keep up with me. I check Soundcloud everyday... and a large percentage of my finds are via that service. I am also DJTalbot there.

I'm not sure of the fate of my podcasts. With so many playlists out there, it may be the end of podcasting for me. Maybe if I was not moving around so much, I'd put some together. It's fun to line up tracks and mix them to play in complimentary keys and beats per minute. Plain old playlists do not offer that!

Here's a romantic synthpop album from this Summer. With tracks titled "Graveyards Eyes" and "Your Love Is A Criminal", you know this is the kind of soaring, dark synthpop that wants you on the dance-floor all by yourself. Fans of And One, De/Vision, Felix Marc and Depeche Mode will find this a pleasant listen. Turn up the bass for a better experience.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Legendary House Cats

Once in a while, something important is released. A work from the heart and soul of a musician. This is certainly one of them! John Girgus (ex-Aberdeen, Languis, Non Ultra Joy) should be on your radar. For indie-poppers, dreampoppers, and C-86 kids.(link here if not loading in your browser / I don't understand Blogger after 7+ years:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Roundup

A few picks that I'm impressed with:

It's long, but songs used to be long / extended play in the 80's and this one is very 80's!

This band is new to me. Someone mentioned them on the indiepop mailing list. Yes, mailing lists still exist and that format is quite easy for cutting and pasting to check out suggestions!

I fell in love with this act right away. It's been some time since I found something new and had to immediately collect all their tracks. I am reminded of The Cure with a hint of Bright Eyes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ostrich Ballet

It's great to see that Stockholm's Ostrich is still creating classic synthpop. I played them on some of my very early Like Sugar Popcasts back when I found them on Myspace (which was a great place to hear new music).

Proud to see some old friends (I used to DJ with Brent) from San Diego will be opening up for Berlin's Ballet School. Sundrop Electric has a debut album and recent ep here.