Friday, July 30, 2010

New VIP Subscription Program from A Different Drum

Synthpop and electronic music lovers can consider joining a VIP Subscription Program with the legendary label and on-line store A Different Drum.
ADD writes: "This new program is presented as a way to keep the avid CD collectors happy, with new synthpop / electronic pop music from established artists as well as new artists! The way this program works is very unique, so please read carefully to see if you would be interested in subscribing!"
"If there are enough serious CD collectors who want a steady stream of new music, then this program will be launched."

While at A Different Drum, consider pre-ordering two HUGE releases in the world of electronic pop: Color Theory's "The Sound" and Iris' "Blacklight". I've followed the output of both these acts over the past few years and I highly recommend them both!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Mixtape and The Vaselines

I don't know the first thing about the creator of this mixtape. I just saw the play-list and downloaded it. I was rather impressed. I love to hear new music and this mixtape is right up my alley, so give it a listen if you like what I with Like Sugar. Download it here.

It's super-hot here in Southern California. My car is leaking radiator fluid as a result. No cash to fix it at the moment.
Saw my doctor today. He's a cool dude, someone I'd like to hang out with. He gives me all the meds I request and cautions me on this and that. I dig his honesty and his manner. I never feel like I have to embellish my complaints. He trusts me and that makes me feel I owe it to him to behave.

So anyway, I have preview opportunity. It's the new Vaselines cd "Sex With An X." I need to find out what the title is all about. I see lots of 3 to 4 minute tracks! So excited, 'cause I loved this band back in the day. OK, I am on song 2 and I love where this is going!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Topp Stemning Pa Lokal Bar

I see that The Birthday Massacre is coming to San Diego's Brick By Brick on August 1st. Not many bands making this kind of sound anymore. I think they have a great sense of color and design. I hope this translates to a live performance.

This has been blogged elsewhere, but I wanted to express my excitement over Casiokids getting a US release. Pretty cool. Listen:

Topp Stemning Pa Lokal Bar (2 CD): Get it at Amazon or somewhere.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Sugar

It's Independence Day weekend for America. Where is the apostrophe on that flag?
A new (catching up, this was due out in June) Like Sugar podcast is now available. I don't talk on this one, so it's really just a mix-tape style effort with no real theme. I do lean toward electronic music and not necessarily dance-floor material. There is a nice flow on this one with a few old tracks (namely, "Knust Knekt" and "Poupée Mécanique" and "Voyage Voyage") that sound rather good, fitting in, given their age. Some tracks are from releases that are less than 3 months old, so it's a nice meld of 80's and whatever you call this decade.
It's worth noting that some of the artist names are... interesting. I'd like to know more about their origins or what they mean. I think Morcheeba is a made up word. Scissor Sisters is adult in nature. Sista Mannen Pa Jorden is "Last man on Earth" if I recall.

01 - M elody Club - The Only Ones
02 - S cissor Sisters - Running Out
03 - H ot Hot Heat - Goddess On The Prairie
04 - E ditors - Alone
05 - K ent - Gamla Ullevi
06 - D ie Form - Poupée Mécanique
07 - D esireless - Voyage Voyage
08 - S vart Klovn - Knust Knekt
09 - S ista Mannen På Jorden - Gestapo Bob Harris
10 - P ete Shelley - Telephone Operator
11 - H ot Chip - One Life Stand
12 - M arina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix)
13 - P aul Rijinders - January Came (Nebula to Estigma Mix)
14 - M onarchy - It Must Be Love
15 - D istain! - Pop Song
16 - L ola Dutronic - Beautiful World
17 - M orcheeba - Even Though

Download the mp3 here