Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Comes to an End

Yes, I'm still alive. Just can't find the time to devote to music like I used to. I'm still listening, just not writing about what I discover. For now:

Another wonderful Christmas Day present from Florida's premier post-punk act: AstariNite

Here's a great best of 2015 collection compiled by @HearShadowmusic :

... more to come...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Still going...

Norway's one-man project Featherfin creates music inspired by a variety of genres,
from indiepop, dreampop and shoegaze via folk and 60s pop to synthpop, experimental music and modern day electronica.
On his latest single, a catchy and upbeat two track release of "The Crimson Spill" and "Nananarama",
he has introduced rougher guitars and for the first time does the lead vocals himself.

I am contributing to this year's Best of Indie 2015 (so far) playlist. Listen via Spotify.

I am working 40 hours a week as an employee since returning to California and it's nearly been 6 months of it. I think I am nearly done with that, and plan to be independent again by 2016. Currently, I simply cannot manage my own time and that takes away from doing the things that I love (music, backpacking, etc.). This is not living, but simply earning a paycheck. 13 years of self-employment has shaped me and I just cringe when directed to behave a certain way, or be spineless in the face of abusive people. Fcuk this. I have 2,005 unread music related emails in my inbox... proof that I need to make yet another change in order to be in a place that allows me some joy.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Synthpop on Saturday

 Here are a few synth tracks that caught my ear this week. I am Mr. Forty Hours A Week now, so I am a wee bit more tired these days. So, I will share some nice tunes and let them speak for themselves!

This sparkly one was just posted. Goodbye July is Paul from Anything Box, so you know this comes from a real talent!

I love the deep male vocals on this track from Atlanta's Frisky Monkey. The guitar fits nicely with the tempo of this modern synthpop.

More from France: You Are Number Six has quite a few synthpop/new wave keepers on Soundcloud. I encourage you to spend some time with his second ep "Lensflares" which came out this month,

This is labeled as Synth Punk, which is cool with me. It's got tougher vocals more akin to Post-punk (think new Agent Side Grinder).

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mid-week: Sounds Bleak

This new single from The Radio Dept. is rather bleak, so let's hope for something sunnier when the album is released.

I found this one via It's A Trap and I thought it was interesting. It makes me think of early 80's Cure... but, damn, how old are these kids? Again, it's bleak. But hey, it's from Iceland:

The bleak theme continue with this one from a split ep by Flaamingos and The KVB (on Felte Records). Some great music coming out of LA these days (and it's been too long)!

OK, I'm off to work... @djtalbot

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Fiction (the band)

 Wow, this is really good. Reminds me of The Razorcuts and other c86-era jangle tracks. I stumbled upon this via the My Favorite Facebook page.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Variety of Recommendations

I'm enjoying the new one from Summer Camp. It's interesting in that you can listen to the opener "Bad Love" and then track three "Sleepwalking" and you may think it's a completely different band.

This one is for fans of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart:

"Love" is a perfect Summer-song from World Tour (on Sweden's Emotion label).

I am still a dedicated follower of Saint Etienne and continue to have a huge crush on vocalist Sarah Cracknell. You can hear the whole album (in the U.S.) over at NPR.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Latest Recommendations - New Wave, Synthpop, Indie

Not much new to report since last post. I'm 99% sure I am hired at the job I applied for (I arrived on a Tuesday, found this job on the following Saturday). It's full-time, which is a God-send. I will be relatively autonomous and on the road all day. Perfect. The hiring manager really connected with me. He was in a band in the Northwest and has a real D.I.Y. philosophy.

On to my latest recommendations:

I love both the new-wave music and the theme from France's You Are Number Six:

Another keeper from Corsica Arts Club . Can't wait for the new EP coming in June.

A wonderful new single from Jenny Broke The Window (Australia) debuted right here. It's bouncy as can be and titled Black Skeleton.

I was really never exposed to The Names in my youth, but I am sure I would have loved them in the 80's. I quite like this one, for example:

Darla Records has exclusive new material from them: "Stranger Than You, the fourth studio album by acclaimed Belgian cold wave group The Names, known for their early association with Factory Records and producer Martin ‘Zero' Hannett."

Here's an uplifting tune with deep male vocals, my favorite kind o' synthpop (of course, it's made in Germany):

Monday, May 4, 2015

Back To Cali

Another fine music blog is closing it's doors. Read the goodbye from Slicing Up Eyeballs.
I actually never knew what the hell slicing up eyeballs meant until one recent day when, for no reason, I was listening closely to The Pixies and heard the phrase. Best of luck to Matt!

I am back on the B(W)est Coast.

A couple tracks I'm into at the moment:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 2015 Update

Still not much blogging going on here. The term blogging is a pejorative, I do believe. "Blogger" can be associated with a person with too much time on their hands (?), a whiny nerd, basement-dweller, etc.
So, what's going on with me? Here's the short version: I met a dude through work and he expressed an interest in taking on a roommate. After some time, I needed a room (rather than waste money on establishing  utilities, obligating myself to a sentence of 6-12 months in Florida, having my brother skip town without paying rent, etc). Now, the room I am renting is in a condo, on a man-made island, surrounded by Canadians in their retirement. Also, the condo is part of the roommate's job: he gets this place as part of his employment. Roommate steals thousands from his job, gets caught, manufactures story that I did it, files report with Sheriff's Department and... of course it all backfires. I am now in condo alone, as roommate fled the state and will likely fcuk-off to his impoverished country of origin (Laos). I have no written rental agreement, but I have certainly established residency (I get mail / my paycheck here, etc).
For now, I am sitting here, waiting for some kind of legal notice urging me to move along. Every day, I approach my computer with a prayer on my breath, appealing to God for the Internet connection to be on, fearing it to be shut off for non-payment.  I have no control over the utilities. 
So, yeah, my adventure to Florida continues to be fraught with drama, money-issues, excessive heat and humidity, white-trash culture, sour fussy-faced North-Eastern Americans that lay on their horn for any reason, terrible customer service, grocery workers moving in slow-motion, complaining / miserly Canadians, happy vacationers, delicious Cuban sandwiches, excellent t.v., wonderful libraries, an odd absence of illegal aliens, a welcome absence of gang member types, and I could go on. I will leave my disappointment in my "family" out, for now. Just know, they suck. They are too busy getting stoned or fading away on pain-killers and douchy e-cigs to read this anyway.
Thanks for reading, folks! It'll be all about music someday soon. We are resurrecting Faction-6, so please add the site to your favs.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 is Here... and so am I

I have been rather infrequent with this blog's updates since moving to Florida in November, 2013. I can point to moving around a bit as a big reason. A necessary need to focus on surviving, rather than hobbies also altered my output. I now have a persistent, blazing fast connection and a new computer. There has been a shift to streaming music and that has impacted my desire to blog (you can discover new music on your own now... who needs my suggestions when there are tags like "postpunk" and "synthpop"?).

Lola Dutronic was played on an early podcast I did and I am glad to see more from them. This one reminds me of Hooverphonic a bit:

Some fine synthpop from Finland. It's not all polished and slick. I really like this quality. It's as if you can hear the effort that went into creating the song. This one has so many aspects of synthpop (except the name "Uncle Tan" which is short for Taneli, but anything "uncle" sounds creepy to Americans)