Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anneli Drecker touring with Royksopp

Anneli appears on three tracks on Röyksopp's new album "Junior" which will be released on March, 20th. She will also contribute on their European tour during the Easter Holidays.

"My Emily " remix released on iTunes.
"There will be more good news when spring comes along", Anneli said after an exclusive release of "My Emily (Birthday Remix)" on the iTunes Store. The song from the "Frolic" album has been remixed by "Lost Memories" to a spheric, trancy, dance version.

A previously unreleased Bel Canto track "Flowerbeds" has been released officially on a Norwegian rarities double CD compilation "Maskindans: Norsk synth 1980-1988" called "Flowerbeds".

Video: Anneli Drecker - You Don't Have To Change

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