Friday, November 15, 2013

Like Sugar is Changing, for the Better

 Some Extra Stuff by lap-pop artist Computer Magic:

Some perfectly melancholy material from the upcoming Royksopp ablum; I have this on repeat today, it is that good!

Oh, what else is going on? I am moving, finally. I have been in San Diego since 1998 and I have had my fill. This place is an island. All the good bands tour through LA and some may stop here. There is no "scene" here. It's very fragmented. I am relocating to Florida, where I have 6 siblings. I intend to grow Like Sugar into a legitimate music blog. I will acquire a domain name and add a couple of staff writers. So, expect actual reviews, rather than passing on the word about this or that, as I do now. Personally, I will just keep sharing what I think is worth your listening time. I doubt I will review. I would rather take my time to find new tunes from acts you may never find on your own. That makes me happy and benefits the artists. You listen and if it catches your ear, well, good. A review system just generates hostility. That negative vibe would distract me from finding more music to share with you. I also plan to add new podcasts as well. 40 is not enough!
Hope this makes sense. Leave a comment for me or contact me:
I could use some reader encouragement during this transition. I know I have fans all over the world and I appreciate your kind words more than you know!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013