Friday, October 30, 2009

Beborn Beton "Another World"

As a big fan and amateur programmer working with FruityLoops, I am really impressed by this rendtition of Beborn Beton's "Another World." I can only imagine the hard work that went into this!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paper Airplane Pilot - First Flight

Are you a fan of The Postal Service, New Order, Erlend Oye and/or Human League? Late last year a 10-track album called "First Flight" was released by Paper Plane Pilot. Earlier this year a cover of Death Cab's "I Will Follow You into the Dark" came out.
I really enjoyed this electronic pop!

You can listen to it all here:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rambling on

Well, I am not working much. Some sort of slump. Some sort of dry period. "Feast or Famine" say my me some time to explore music, but the feeling of uselessness makes me want to listen to old music, not new! Then I get to looking through my digital photos and I get all the best years have passed me by.

Anyway, Nephu Huzzband has new tracks to check out on myspace. I blogged a while back that the vocalist reminds me of Robert Smith. I am not too active on myspace anymore, but I cannot deny that it's a great place for new music.

Listening to Project Pitchfork, Princess Niko, some Pet Shop Boys (Yes), Nitzer Ebb and some Lucyfire.
Catching up with the busy DJ Narcolept.

Wanted be one of these guys for Halloween for some time:

Stable, Swords

Photobucket announced that "Morrissey's handpicked b-sides collection 'Swords' is out today (Monday 26th October) in the UK".
By now, most fans know the beloved Morrissey "is in stable condition after his collapse in Swindon Saturday night".

It's my opinion that Morrissey's b-sides are his best work. I often wonder why they weren't included on the main album.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Sick Muse

I'm enjoying some good old synthpop on myspace. Give this play-list a try before it's gone:
You'll note that Ostrich and Universal Poplab both played this festival on October 17th. I have included both acts on my Like Sugar PopCast over the years. This line-up really impressed me. Wish something like this could happen here in the USA. I miss the Synth-con that A Different Drum did...

Oh, what else...seems I post things on twitter more than on my blog... you can add me, I am @djtalbot. The train-wreck looks like this:
The Word Magazine (UK) has @DotAllison on it's Nov CD: "Paved With A Little Pain"
Potty Mouth Sissys have a new myspace page (previous one was hacked).
Depeche Mode - Somebody - Live In Buenos Aires -17-10-2009 #depechemode
Blah, blah, you get the idea.

Head over to and offer some encouragement. I rely on this blog to keep me up with what's worth my time in Northern European music.

So, I am working on Like Sugar #28, and I have The Sound of Arrows, The Raveonettes, Mixtapes & Cellmates, Girls, Glas vegas, James Yuill, Neon Indian, Gary Numan, Project Pitchfork (can you believe it? Best material from them ever), Editors, O. Children, Gang of Four, Pet Shop Boys, Pati Yang, Mika and more...all this must be boiled down to the strongest track-list.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everything Is Temporary These Days

I just read that one of the staples of my podcast have split and canceled their tour. Some of my favorites of the past few years like "We Danced Together", "Suspicious Eyes", and "Retreat" will never be replaced, it seems, as The Rakes have split.
I'm reading this disappointing news while listening to Girls' "Album." The track "Hellhole Ratrace" is a rather spectacular 7 minute soundtrack to this news.
Wait, does "Headache" by Girls sound exactly like Moose (UK)? Goodness, this IS a great album. Will be buying it locally.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Louis Eliot of material!

An interesting read at this blog. Seems my hero Louis Eliot, the wonderful singer of the under-noticed 90's Britpop act "Rialto" is releasing new material in 2010. The author writes: "Well, I am delighted to announce that the long-awaited follow-up album is finally being released in January 2010. What's more, I've already had a listen to it and it's brilliant. Kittow's Moor is the first album that Louis has made with his new band, The Embers..."

I am super excited. Got to love it when an artist you love keeps on, despite a band break-up! Eliot's 2004 release is still listed on Amazon (USA) for the absurd price of $44.99.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joy Electric to release covers album

The first song from the new covers record (titled "Favorites at Play") by Joy Electric is up now on their MySpace page. It is a version of The Killers' "When You Were Young."

Ronnie writes that "The album also includes versions of songs from Coldplay, Keane, Blink 182, Feist, and more and will be available in stores and online November 3rd. There will be some pre-order information coming shortly, but for now here is the tracklisting.

1. 1, 2, 3, 4
2. Viva La Vida
3. I Miss You
4. Falling Slowly
5. When You Were Young
6. Somewhere Only We Know
7. It Ends Tonight
8. Decode
9. Say It Right"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free James Yuill "This Sweet Love"

I played some James Yuill on PopCast 27. Here's a link to a re-recording (rather than a remix) by the man himself. It's called "This Sweet Love (Earth Version)".

I recommend his Turning Down Water For Air (Nettwerk in USA / Moshi Moshi in UK. It goes well with synthpop and fans of Passion Pit and such.
James Yuill blog.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I've Made Skin Crawl

I have been a bad friend to this band. I only received one humble email in August, and it got lost in the Like Sugar Control Room e-mail dot-matrix print-out bin, which is virtual, or in the "cloud".
So, with some ado, please listen and watch this beautiful song by Recordable Colors. "I've Made Skin Crawl". I do know 2 of the band members...but if this was crap, I'd never post it. I think it's beautiful... long-time readers know I am a sucker for bells or spoons on glasses and organs (musical organs, mind you!)!

My Latest Podcast is now available

Like Sugar PopCast 27 finally out! Please leave me a hello if you are still following the show. I love to hear from listeners!
I am on some very generous DJ promo lists and I am always open to more. Contact me at

Stream or download via zshare.

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Here's the track-list:

01 - [ingenting] - Halleluja! (free mp3)
02 - James Yuill - This Sweet Love
03 - Stars - B itches In Tokyo
04 - The Wake - Provincial Disco
05 - Morr issey - The Ordinary Boys
06 - The Tem per Trap - Sweet Disposition (Thanks B.S., for suggestion)
07 - The Mary Onettes - Puzzles (free mp3)
08 - Miles Fisher - This Must Be The Place
09 - Junior Senior - Together For One Last Dance
10 - Vitalic - See The Sea (Red) (free mp3?)
11 - Memory Tapes - Bicycle
12 - Passio n Pit - To Kingdom Come
13 - Mo by - Mistake (Yusek Remix) (free mp3?)
14 - Neon Neon - Raquel
15 - Stripmall Architecture - Stop Thief (free album here)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Must Keep This Alive...

New material for my Autumn playlist: a "double a-side" from Lola Dutronic in my inbox! I quote: "Au Revoir" is a chilled groove, sung in French, with special guest Mike Garson (of David Bowie fame) contributing some of his trademark amazing piano, while our English language offering, "All Over The World" is another slice of electro-pop in the same vein as our recent summer dance hit, "My Radio".Listen to 'em at myspace.

I just finished another listen to Bradley B's excellent latest podcast mix. You can get it here.
Check out his incredible track-list! Perfect companion to my Like Sugar material?
Moby - Mistake
The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat
The Golden Filter - Favourite Things
Passion Pit - Little Secrets
Miike Snow - Sylvia
Fever Ray - Seven (CSS Remix)
The Horrors - Sea Within a Sea
Grace Jones - Williams’ Blood (Aeroplance Remix)
Erlend Oye - Sudden Ruse (The Twelves)
Yacht - Psychic City (Rory Phillips Remix)
Metric - Sick Muse (Adam Freeland Remix)
Underworld/Mark Knight - Downpipe (original club mix)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ulrich Schnauss and Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses use Ulrich Schnauss sounds without permission? Read the article on Pitchfork. Listen for yourself. I wonder how many Ulrich Schnauss fans also follow G N'R.