Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Synth, Some Indie, Some Mystery

Enjoying some new synthpop remixes of christopher ANTON over at his bandcamp page.
Oh, and what else am I up to? Did I already mention The Trembling Blue Star's latest is still streaming free here? I think I posted the link on Facebook. If you like TBS, be sure to check out Harper Lee, band very related to TBS and Sarah Records (Brighter).
Drowned in Sound had a nice piece on A Decade of Glasgow. As a fan of that city, the music, the people (real and fictional!), it was a nice read. I think the writer sounds a bit young, but I had strong opinions when I was younger.
I watched Wallander tonight (The Fifth Woman) and then Sherlock (The Blind Banker). The color and tone and angles of these short films just floors me. I want to share the experience with all my friends if only for the art of all.
Finally, my latest podcast is still alive at this location.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oops, I forgot a title.

"Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?" I forgot about how perfect this movie quote is. Someone posted it on Reddit today. The subject was I had ZER0 hits in all of the US. That might be because the US is not a big user... or my tastes lean way too much toward the UK and Sweden (and Germany). So, I adjusted the slider (perv-meter) to 23 and my possible location to the UK and saw many more results. As I often whine about, people my age aren't as passionate about music as younger people. They usually have careers and wives and children to occupy themselves.

This week, I was listening to Howard Stern go off on Sweden (or, more correctly, that fact that Sirius has a Swedish language station and a princess and so on). I had a nice laugh because he's supposed to be King of All Media, and doesn't know that Sweden is the third largest producer of music in the world. It might be all a ruse, as Howard Stern, on-air, is a character. Don't read me wrong, I love his show.

UPDATE: 128 matches in UK for 21-40. Sweden:0. Ukraine:1 USA: 238

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Testing YouTube Playlist Post

It's been gray and rainy here for a few days, so I thought I'd cobble a moody collection of videos. I'm trying to keep what's popular wedged between what may be less known. Also attempting to avoid the beyond-obvious and overplayed... how else can interest be held? Again, it's not my definitive list, as so many tracks are not represented in video form. I might have to break the law (?) and create my own static image videos in order to share some material that needs more exposure. Some songs are just that moving.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Electro Freaks Present Voume 2 10:10:10 The Terrible Twos

Brian Hazard, the man behind Color Theory, announced that his track "Two" is on the free electro compilation "Electro Freaks Present Volume 2 10:10:10 The Terrible Twos". This digital release is available for free at this address:

This is an excellent way to discover new bands, which is the mission of Like Sugar!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Comment (Video)

I posted this song on YouTube because I couldn't find a single track from them. I think this act was overlooked a few years back and thought listeners would enjoy what I consider a timeless sound.
There are two versions of this track. This one is not the version from Underwater Dreams.
I will edit this post when I can find more information about the band No Comment.

Friday, October 1, 2010

British Sea Power - listen to 3 new tracks


British Sea Power released
Zeus EP
23 September 2010

1) Zeus (listen)
2) Cleaning Out The Rooms
3) Can We Do It? (listen)
4) Bear (listen)
5) Pardon My Friends
6) Mongk
7) Kw-h
+ unlisted bonus track ‘Retreat’