Monday, March 30, 2009

The Horrors: I can hardly understand this post

Only a partial Grammar-Nazi, it's with some pain that I am just going to re-post this "sic" Rough Trade / The Horrors thingy I saw I the myspace on the Internets:

THE HORRORS - Primary Colours
Rough Trade exclusive with a bonus mix cd by tom furse and rhys webb and if you know anything about the horrors you will know this mix is worth the admission price alone. 'primary colours' is a total revelation and demands you forget all pre conceptions of the horrors. 'primary colours', the follow up to their 2007 debut 'strange house', features ten tracks and was recorded last summer with chris cunningham and portishead's geoff barrow. much as my bloody valentine went from crampsesque rockers to sonic wanderers, primal scream dropped the cosmic garage rock jangle for insanely popular crossover sounds of 'screamadelica' and and liars threw away trucker cap hipster rhythms in favour of a concept album about witches, the horrors have returned with an album that cries re-invention and modern day classic at the same time. in parts it's dark and claustrophobic like the cure's 'faith' and bauhaus and in others it has the groove of neu! and the pop of the psychedelic furs. this is a fantastic album and an equally fantastic mix tape.

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