Friday, April 29, 2011

The Sound of Arrows - Nova

I posted the first material from Sweden's The Sound Of Arrows some time ago. Here is some newish material from this great synthpop act. I detect some growth, something in this song that sets it firmly in the genre of modern synthpop: it's all done just right.

Stars - The Prisoner

I was walking to the market today, a-social headphones in place. This song came up in the shuffle, and I was reminded of just how pleasant this track is. Instead of posting the original, I found a great live version. Seeing them perform it adds to the emotion behind the lyrics.
Canada's Stars have consistently released music that I enjoy very much and recommend. If you like the live version, be sure to hear the original on The Five Ghosts. The newest single, “Changes” is available on iTunes.

Happy thirty-something birthday to my mate Gabe / DJ Narcolept! He's one of my biggest supporters and gave me a ton of DJ gigs a few years back. I will posting his latest music/film projects here on Like Sugar, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fleet Foxes Update: Stream the new album

NPR is hosting via the First Listen program. Go there and listen to Helplessness Blues in its entirety. The album drops May 3.

Dreamy Mix Of Now, Now

I thought this one has a warm glow to it. Reminds me of the best of Delerium, Conjure One, Balligomingo or even Schiller. Give it a listen and leave me a comment if you like this sort of sound.
Now, Now - Jesus Camp (Remix) by nownowmusic

Det Vackra Livet (Mary Onettes) Free Single


Labrador Records has announced that the "majestic new single "Askan" by Det Vackra Livet is out today. You can of course download it for free."

Labrador says, " is the new heartbreaking duo from the brothers Philip and Henrik Ekström of The Mary Onettes. A perfectly eccentric and personal mix of The Cure, Ingmar Bergman, Claes Andersson's poetry and Arcade Fire. An absolutely stunning album!"
Not sure they are anything like Arcade Fire, but that band is popular at the moment, so marketing must do what it does.

Watch the video for the first Det Vackra Livet track "Viljan" as posted here on Like Sugar. I played "Viljan" on Like Sugar PopCast #37.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Months Later, These Tracks Hold Interest

After listening to the new Holy Ghost! album, I had to clean my ears with something more my style. I present two videos from the much more talented The Naked And Famous:

Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, I took some time to listen to what other people are listening to. I found a few things my readers/listeners might like.
First-up is this Danish act. Found the video via Stripmall Architecture's excellent "Playlist" blog entry. Reminds me of Delerium or Balligomingo. Enjoy Our Broken Garden.

What else? A reader mentioned this act and I as instantly into them. Too bad a certain host may flag me for posting this, even though it's available to share, legally on Youtube!

My punk rock drumming brother sends me suggestions every month. The guy has a great ear and I wonder why he doesn't do his own show. He's too busy with his band, I guess. A real stand-out is a track by The Marked Men. (Hi, Devon!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kiethevez Working On New Album

The news: "After the very well received third album "Non-binary",
the Swedish electro-pop act Kiethevez decided to take a
break for two years to get new inspiration and creative
energy. But now Kiethevez are in the studio and working
on new material again."

Visit and read more.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Friday Night iPod Shuffle


Well, as I have not had a good experience with posting or sharing legal videos from any Vevo-hosted bands, I will just mention that The Vaccines (vocalist pictured above and yes, I need to get that red border fixed) have been in heavy rotation here. Mixed or shuffled with the new Pains of Being Pure At Heart ("Belong"), The Ravonettes ("Raven In The Grave"), Chapel Club ("Palace"), and perhaps some Cold Cave ("Love Comes Close" and "Cherish The Light Years"), Hooverphonic ("The Night Before"), Mogwai ("Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will"), and Cut Copy ("Zonoscope") and you have a nice few hours of variety.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Discovery: White Sea

You might be a reader of this blog because it may lead you to discovering new music. I mean, that is why I read the blogs I subscribe to. I'm always on the lookout for that new artist or one I just missed out on. So, in an effort to get the word out, please enjoy White Sea. Below is a new music video "Mountaineer" from their EP "This Frontier". Singer Morgan Kibby was vocalist/keyboardist for M83 (I played a few from M83's album, Saturdays=Youth. It was #1 on Billboard's Heatseeker Albums, #4 on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Albums and hailed as one of the best 100 albums of the decade).
Watch it here, or better yet, watch it on Youtube and give 'em a thumbs-up.

Repost and Worth It

I already posted this, but I used a Youtube video here on the blog. I prefer to use Soundcloud, so here you go! I love this song. I think it's as much the vocals as the music in this case. I am reminded of Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox) for some reason.

2 Hearts by digitalism_official

And check out this dubstep remix, posted minutes ago by @th0rmusic
2 Hearts (Th0r Remix) by th0rmusic

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Shoegazing: Soft

Here's another excellent band that just shines among imitators. A group can just "sound like x band from x year in the x decade". Then there are the bands that assemble a more distinctive, identifiable mood.
That's why I am diggin' Soft. They update that early 90's sound and you get the feel of new with the satisfaction of nostalgia. Gotta say, they remind me of The Pernice Brothers, and that, for me, is a f*cking great band to be compared to.

Dogs by SoftBand

Soft "Dogs" is out now. Produced by Chris Coady (Beach House, Grizzly Bear, TV on The Radio, Blonde Redhead). Mixed by Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).
Soft on iTunes
Soft on Facebook
Soft on Twitter

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brilliant new Digitalism Track "2 Hearts" for free

You can get this one for free from (I think you need a free account now to download .mp3s). Do sign-up. Every-day: excellent, free music.
This track is just brilliant!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Coachella Mini-Wrap-Up

Wow, a week since last post! The Coachella Music Festival took up much of my on-line time, so there's a partial excuse. I have to say, I was underwhelmed with this year's line-up. No huge acts that I had to see. Duran Duran recently did a web-cast. I guess the Big Audio Dynamite show was the headliner for me. I did enjoy Cold Cave (they would have been better at night, not in the friggin' sun). I thought Best Coast was good live, but I think all their songs sound the same. I know that is the worst sort of thing to say, but sometimes, such a dumb statement actually fits. I really, really don't get what all the fuss is over this band. Really bland stuff. I think they have potential, they just need to get more loose. MEN was little bit of a let-down. Cool to see live, but the music was lacking. The guitarist was really the best part of that performance. I need to look into his work.
The Drums played a great show on day one. I hope they earned new fans. The band that really did something different and just made me more interested was HEALTH. I thought of the early work of Cranes for some reason (feedback, big drums, droning sound?).
Things have certainly changed in Indio / Coachella. I lived there 1981-1991.

Monday, April 11, 2011

It Doesn't Always Work

Now, you know I don't make a habit of writing bad things about bands or tracks or remixes or films or family or presidents or run-on-sentences... but, I do adore Passion Pit and can find a warm spot in my heart for The Beastie Boys. This, however, is one of the times I cannot be nice:
1077 The End - Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise (Passion Pit Remix) by 1077 The End
Terrible, on both ends.
On a happy note, it's a Happy Birthday to friend and DJ Barbara! Can't think of anyone with a better ear for music than her! She's recovering privately from serious health issues, so I can't provide any links at this time. We expect a triumphant return soon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Love Comes Close

With the release of new material, I am re-visiting the last album by Cold Cave. I thought I should share a bit of it with you. For fans of Joy Division / Ian Curtis / New Order and the many bands so inspired. I find it to be insane how many acts are capturing what was "old" music when I was a kid. By "old", I meant anything I was too young to listen to when it came out. Mind you, I was in high school 1985-1989, so even Joy Division was "old" or the older goth's music. I felt I was too young to be a part of it, even though it was recorded a scant 5-6 years before I was a fan. Now, I allow myself a good ten-year window to consider myself an original fan.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharing Something New

A nice (folk pop?, a genre I don't play too much) one from Lord Huron. Remixed by White Sea, the new project by Morgan Kibby (The Romanovs, and she played keys for M83 on "Saturdays = Youth").

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As heard on Like Sugar PopCast 37: Det Vackra Livet "Viljan"

As heard on Like Sugar PopCast 37: Det Vackra Livet "Viljan".
If you are reading this on Tuesday, April 5, a reminder: new Slicing Up Eyeballs show on Strangeways Radio at 10 EST tonight at

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rrrrround 2 with that one band (free, legal song too)!

Well, this is ironic... this band's label flags me for copyrighted material and now we have them offering a free song... Dare I post this legal, freely distributed .mp3? Will I, once again, get a warning from Blogger for posting a legal offering? Let's see!
Great song at any rate.

Like Sugar PopCast 37 Track-list

Here's what I played. Download it here.
Intro - W a v e I n H e a d - "Zeit Zu Leben (Outro)"
01 - M e l o d y C l u b - "The Hunter"
02 - T h e N a k e d and F a m o u s - "Punching In A Dream"
03 - C o l d W a r K i d s - "Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)"
Blabber - D a f t P u n k - "Recognizer" in background
04 - S h e W a n t s R e v e n g e - "Take The World"
05 - D e t V a c k r a L i v e t - "Viljan"
06 - E c h o and The B u n n e y m e n vs. U. N. K. L. E. - "Follow Me Down To The Killing Moon (BRAT Mashup)"
07 - T h e R a v o n e t t e s - "Forget That You're Young"
Blabber - The Cure - "Dressing Up" in background
08 - T w i n S h a d o w - "Slow"
09 - J o y D i v i s i o n - "She's Lost Control"
10 - T h e S t i l l s - "Changes Are Good (Grand National Remix)"
11 - M S T R K R F T - "Beards Again"
12 - C o l o r Theory - "Two"
13 - L a d y t r on - "Az Of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix)"
14 - N e w Y o u n g P o n y C l u b - "The Optimist"
15 - S t a r s - "Wasted Daylight"
16 - D a t a R o m a n c e - "Beating Records"