Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New, Free Color Theory

One of my very favorite active electronic pop artists is offering a free song. He writes: "I just finished what I consider to be my best song in a long time, and I’d like you to have it – no strings attached. Please feel free to share it with anybody and everybody".
So here's the link to download it for free!
I can seriously recommend a look into Color Theory's back-catalog. Follow Color Theory on Twitter for great posts like this one.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Well, I Don't It All

I had no idea this Lush track was a cover. It made my week when I found out! Here's the original version of Demystification!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Radio Dept. "Clinging to a scheme" released

Labrador Records says "The long wait is finally over! The Radio Dept’s ”Clining to a scheme” is without doubt this year’s most eagerly anticipated Swedish indie pop album. It’s been four long years, but a simple press on Play and you’ll know it’s been worth every second.

“Clinging to a scheme” combines the best components from their previous albums “Lesser matters” and “Pet grief” with soul guitars, P-funk, cut/paste-beats and 70’s futuristic orchestra. Breathtaking!

15 Euros including freight anywhere in the world."

Track listing
1. Domestic Scene
2. Heaven's on fire (download free .mp3)
3. This Time Around
4. Never Follow Suit
5. A Token Of Gratitude
6. The Video Dept.
7. Memory Loss
8. David
9. Four Months In The Shade
10. You Stopped Making Sense

Monday, April 19, 2010


Coachella's over. I had a great time watching via the web. I must say, the editing of the webcasts was excellent (I was married to an editor so I know! Or...)
I like the fact that some of the acts were totally new to me. I'll have to look into some of them now. I really wanted to "see" the Cribs and Bad Lieutenant (wow, I spelled lieutenant correctly on the first try! I actually copy and pasted it to see if the spell-check was just accepting my typing. Now, if I can find out if a period should be placed after the parenthesis when it's at the end of the sentence).

This artist has piqued my interest, after I downloaded a remix. Some great electronic work here. Catchy and synthy. Check out all the tracks from Million Young on Youtube; here's my favorite "Cynthia":

So, I am reading a synthpop blog that I have never read before and the entries are eerily similar to mine. Small world, I guess. Still. I want to be different! After all, I throw in some stuff that a synth purist would hate! So, now I am going to post more repeat material... I mean, it's repeat for me, but could be new to you, right?

Not my pick from the new Goldfrapp, but a nice introduction nonetheless:

You may have noticed the new art at the top of the blog (if you are not reading via RSS). I am really looking forward to seeing 16 Volt and Chemlab again. Two of my favorite acts from the 90's post-industrial scene. I did some film-work with both of these bands and I treasure the memories. Nice guys. Sometimes, you meet your heroes and are disappointed...but not with these acts. They were just down to Earth and wanted to give their fans the best. Here's a vid I worked on:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Schiller - Atemlos (new double CD) released

The new Schiller is out and available (in the U.S.) from A Different Drum. Looks like there are couple import versions available, so read carefully.
If you have not had exposure to Schiller, you might hit youtube and try one of the many versions of my favorite tracks "Dream" and "I Feel You." The vocals are by Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim. The new Schiller is titled "Atemlos." Someone was kind enough to translate a video interview into English:

I've picked up two new tracks by The National. I found one ("Afraid of Everyone") today via Pitchfork here. The other is "Bloodbuzz Ohio" and is here.

I'm still working my way through BT and Goldfrapp, listening for the stand-outs.
I think I will create a separate post for the upcoming Wave In Head release. I adore the music of Wave In Head and I want to properly fuss over it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still Ill and a mix for it.

I lined up 12 tracks for my friend in hospital (seems like I should say "in the hospital"). The little mix is for her to listen to while she recovers. I tried to use really new material, so it's fresh and she won't feel like she's missing out.
The 40 minute Get Well Mix is on z-share here. Over 250 views of the audio and that's with no description. I did twitter it and of course it's on Facebook.

As I write, I've got Sally Seltmann streaming from MySpace. I read about her in a newsletter from the Arts and Crafts label. Her music and voice is uplifting, so give it listen!

Speaking of Arts and Crafts, my favorite artist on that label, Stars, has a new single out. I downloaded "Fixed" from the upcoming album "The Five Ghosts" for free by offering my e-mail address. *can't find the link right now / will add it soon*

That's me at The Casbah in July 2009 waiting to watch Trashcan Sinatras...and the good news is they are coming back to The States! The band is going on tour in June, playing 11 shows. Most shows have recently gone on sale, the others should be on sale shortly:

June 1 - San francisco, ca - slim's (on sale 4/4)
June 3 - San juan capistrano, ca - the coach house (on sale 4/1)
June 4 - West hollywood, ca - key club (on sale 3/29)
June 6 - Chicago, il - schuba's (on sale tba)
June 7 - Milwaukee, wi - shank hall (on sale 4/9)
June 8 - Detroit, mi - magic stick (on sale tba)
June 10 - Boston, ma - tt the bear's (on sale 3/27)
June 11 - New york, ny - bowery ballroom (on sale 4/9)
June 12 - Hoboken, nj - maxwell's (on sale 3/31)
June 13 - Philadelphia, pa - world cafe live (on sale 4/9)
June 14 - Washington, d.c. - rock & roll hotel (on sale 4/9)

No San Diego show, I'm sad to say. San Juan Capistrano is 1 hour away. My parents live there, so I may have to make a trip of it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Am Still. I Am Here.

Long time, no post.

For no reason, I wanted to hear some 90's stuff and I thought about Frontline Assembly and the excellent work under the "Intermix" name... so here's a "video" for my favorite track "Targeted."

Earthquake today (Easter) was rather rolling rather than shaking.

My very favorite female DJ and the woman who's opinion on music I hold in the highest regard has been very ill. I saw her in ICU and I am not really ready to comment further until we know more. I will say that I am appealing to God for her recovery and asking that her family finds rest and peace while we wait for this extraordinary woman to recover. Music or no, this is someone I love and I cannot imagine life without her.