Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 2015 Update

Still not much blogging going on here. The term blogging is a pejorative, I do believe. "Blogger" can be associated with a person with too much time on their hands (?), a whiny nerd, basement-dweller, etc.
So, what's going on with me? Here's the short version: I met a dude through work and he expressed an interest in taking on a roommate. After some time, I needed a room (rather than waste money on establishing  utilities, obligating myself to a sentence of 6-12 months in Florida, having my brother skip town without paying rent, etc). Now, the room I am renting is in a condo, on a man-made island, surrounded by Canadians in their retirement. Also, the condo is part of the roommate's job: he gets this place as part of his employment. Roommate steals thousands from his job, gets caught, manufactures story that I did it, files report with Sheriff's Department and... of course it all backfires. I am now in condo alone, as roommate fled the state and will likely fcuk-off to his impoverished country of origin (Laos). I have no written rental agreement, but I have certainly established residency (I get mail / my paycheck here, etc).
For now, I am sitting here, waiting for some kind of legal notice urging me to move along. Every day, I approach my computer with a prayer on my breath, appealing to God for the Internet connection to be on, fearing it to be shut off for non-payment.  I have no control over the utilities. 
So, yeah, my adventure to Florida continues to be fraught with drama, money-issues, excessive heat and humidity, white-trash culture, sour fussy-faced North-Eastern Americans that lay on their horn for any reason, terrible customer service, grocery workers moving in slow-motion, complaining / miserly Canadians, happy vacationers, delicious Cuban sandwiches, excellent t.v., wonderful libraries, an odd absence of illegal aliens, a welcome absence of gang member types, and I could go on. I will leave my disappointment in my "family" out, for now. Just know, they suck. They are too busy getting stoned or fading away on pain-killers and douchy e-cigs to read this anyway.
Thanks for reading, folks! It'll be all about music someday soon. We are resurrecting Faction-6, so please add the site to your favs.