Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Buy It!

Spain's Siesta Records has released a compilation titled "Country Music. Songs For Keith Girdler" and the artist line-up is straight out of Like Sugar's play-lists. Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars make this a must-buy!

1. St Christopher - "Can't Forget You" (exclusive new song)
2. The Wake - "Crush The Flowers" (exclusive 8 track demo)
3. Pete Fijalkowski - "Downsizing" (exclusive new song)
4. Lovejoy - "Melancholia" (exclusive new song, Blueboy cover)
5. Hal- "Down"(exclusive new song)
6. Trembling Blue Stars - "Soft Evening, Brilliant Morning" (exclusive new song)
7. Louis Phillipe- " Lazy Thunderstorms" (exclusive new song, Blueboy cover)
8. Club 8 - "What I"m Dreaming Of..." (Japan only song from new album)
9. The Clientele - "Breathe In Now" (exclusive new song)
10. The Times - Sold (exclusive mix of song from "E is for Edward"
11. The Would Be Goods - "I Believe You Cassandra"(exclusive new song)
12. Aberdeen -" Baby I Don"t Care" (exclusive new song)
13. Love Dance - "His London" (exclusive new song, Blueboy cover)
14. The Orchids - "The Lost Star" (exclusive new song)
15. Biff Bang Pow! - "Back To The Start" (currently unavailable elsewhere on CD)
16. (secret track) Blueboy - "80"s Diaries"

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