Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Driver: What's On my iPod

Sunday Driver: What's On my iPod - this is a combined post for Sunday, August 3 and today, Sunday, August 10.

Louis Eliot - I'm searching like mad for more from him. I treasure my Rialto cds and they never leave my DJ CD case. Monday Morning 5:19 is still a club hit and the acoustic version will break your non-cheating heart.

Thermostatic - Humanizer - After week of plays on the mp3 player, I am not bored. Good modern synthpop. Bonus points for female vocals.

The Little Ones - morning tide; just testing this one out.
According to the BBC, "Their sunshine-infused, optimism-fuelled material is made more poignant by this defiant refusal to be disheartened by a world so jaded.
Every cut apparently only made it to tape if it made the band want to dance." Read, more here.

Blank & Jones - The Logic Of Pleasure; the title annoys me. The logic of_________ (insert word that will make you think the whole album is a reflection of this word).
This one starts so well and sputters out. The first half is the album, the second is all filler. I love Stars and the mix of The Night Starts Here is very good. Bernard Sumner does vocals on track two and it's a treat. I need more trance in my life.

Close Lobsters - Headache Rhetoric; I am back in 1988 with this material and I think it stands up well. I could never get over the Smiths break-up!

M83 - Saturday = Youth; this ones taking some time, but it may be the best I have heard from these boys. I keep thinking I'm listening to the Radio Dept.

KLOQ - first listen today and I hear some Nitzer Ebb here! Excellent!

Ashbury Heights - the tracks Spiders will be on a popcast soon.

Neil Halstead - Oh Mighty Engine; twelve new songs from the voice of Slowdive and Mojave 3. Listening because I love his voice and lyrics. The music might not otherwise interest me, honestly. It's the application of his familiar voice to a genre I wouldn't otherwise give any listening time to...oh, and he was very friendly when he was here in San Diego. I am afraid to meet my heroes sometimes...when they are nice, I get more into their music. The cold, distant ones...get shelved often.

Midnight Resistance - I have one track off the Synthpop Club Anthems 5 cd. Todd, label-master over at A Different Drum, is really excited about the full album release,
so I am giving him a plug!

Scarlett Johansonn - I Don't Want To Grow Up - she's a doll and good actress, therefore, she can sing. Mmmmmm.

Cranes - The Forever album found its way onto the player. I guess it's cuz I made a vow before the authority of God, and my wife broke hers. I love her, and I will never lessen that love.

De/Vision - honestly, this German act never leaves my mp3 player. I live for synthpop and De/Vision never fails to fit any mood! "A Prayer" is this week's pick.

The Faint - Fasciinatiion - first listen today. So far so good. Found a remix too:

Other musings from my life:

From the creator of Six Feet Under comes a new take on how the undead live. True Blood, Alan Ball's new original series for HBO, premiers September 7 at 9 PM.
Read Alan Ball's point of view. The Academy Award® winning writer and director speaks about fans of Six Feet Under, storytelling, the process of making True Blood, and avoiding the trappings of vampire clich├ęs.

Black Kids, The Foxglove Hunt, Cut Copy - still on the mp3 player. No need to replace these excellent albums. Repeat:shuffle!

I have been playing American McGee's new game "Grimm" and, well, it's a bit of a disappointment! I LOVE the art, but the gameplay is stale.
But did I mention the art? I'll sit through the mindless gameplay for the art.

Here's a video for a song that keeps appearing in my private sets, house parties, etc. Timeless!

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