Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Driver: What's on my iPod

Discovered a cute blog today: Hey Hey Honeypop!

The best part is that there are podcasts to go with! Here's a link to #6: Dance Around The Livingroom.
The playlist is full of new stuff (for me, and I love it!):

The Blue Minkies - Boyfriend in a box
Sportique - If you ever change your mind
The Andersen Tapes - Cross Country
How Many Beans Make Five - I could well believe that
Professor Pez - Papillon (Escape from Ulfsnes island)
Go Sailor - Windy
The Budgies - I love you (so what should I do?)
Verdurin - Mademoiselle de Ponsac
Dolly Mixture - He's so frisky
The Gentle Smiles - Mando Diao
My Little Airport - My little banana
France Gall - Avant la bagarre

I should post on the indiepop mailing list, but I am too shy and I would hate to be flamed for the lack of indiepop content in my podcasts.
Anyway, this is definitely on my iPod this week! Great job Marianthi!

Ostrich - Sleepy Angels (track) - can't get enough of the synth.

Arthur and Martha - Ultra Alliance (track) - I posted this earlier, but it's a gem.

Elegant Machinery - Move (track) - happy to hear more from this staple of the 90's synth scene.

KieTheVez - Non-Binary (album) - I am still exploring this long-awaited CD, searching for that one track that makes the album.

Leila - Blood, Looms and Blooms (album) - this album could be compared to Portishead and will take some repeated listens (while in the right mood) to come to any sort of opinion.

Osborne - Osborne (album) - everyone else likes house, and I keep searching for an album I can "love"...the search continues...

Black Ghosts - The Black Ghosts (album) - ex Simian dudes here. This is actually better than anything they did before, but it's rather like they are on auto-pilot.

Neil Halstead was in town on Friday, but I skipped it. The party I was at was simply more interesting. I enjoy his music and I adore Slowdive and Mojave 3, and I have seen him live, so I stayed on at the party where I was the only person with English as my first language!

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