Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scandinaivan synth pop by Finland's Burning Hearts

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"Their second full-length album, “Extinctions”, will be released in February 21st, 2012. If the debut was a collection of early songs that were not intended to end up on an album, "Extinctions" was written as a consequence of many tragic stories that touched the band. Most of the songs are dedicated to persons or creatures that no longer exist.

Finnish indie pop stalwarts Jessika Rapo (vocalist for Le Futur Pompiste) and Henry Ojala (ex-drummer for Cats on Fire) teamed up to form the shambly, synthy duo Burning Hearts in 2006. Burning Hearts’ debut full-length, Aboa Sleeping, was released 2009.
After releasing two singles in 2010, “Night Animal” (featuring A peasant’s dream Jori Hulkkonen remix) and a cover of Arthur Russell’s “The Letter”, the duo decamped to the Finnish countryside in Ostrobothnia and recorded a four song EP, "Into the Wilderness" released in June 2011." Thanks to Edvinsson Publicity for sharing this information with me.

Burning Hearts offer this free .mp3: Burning Hearts - Burn Burn Burn


DJ Talbot said...

A great review on music blog It's A Trap! here: http://www.itsatrap.com/n/39535-burning-hearts-extinctions-solina-records-shelflife-records

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This second album is awesome theres no doubt about it!