Monday, January 16, 2012

Bears: Eleven a.m.

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I tried to post this as close to eleven a.m. as possible. It's a perfect indie pop track that uplifts on this gloomy (the weather, I should mention) holiday (Martin Luther King Day, here in America).
It's track 1 from the upcoming album, Greater Lakes, to be released on February 14, 2012 via Misra Records. Available on clear vinyl LP, CD and digitally. Check out Bears at

Eleven a.m. by Bears

1. Eleven a.m.
2. You’re Going
3. From Good to Bad
4. More Left Out
5. Don’t Wait
6. The City Still
7. I Don’t Have You on My Mind
8. Perfect Girl
9. Wash My Hands
10. I Can’t Make Things Right
11. Until the Very End

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