Friday, November 6, 2009

New Mesh

Mesh "A Perfect Solution" (new!!) is now available. Put on your friend-hat and order it from A Different Drum: $15 "This latest offering from Mesh fits right in with their other top-notch productions. It is more edgy and agitated than their last epic album, "We Collide" but fits right in with their high standards at the very top of the synthpop scene. This time it is released in the USA so you can get it for a good price too! Order the CD here :
http://www.adiffere buy/MET618/ Mesh-A-Perfect- Solution
With tracks with these titles, you know it's gonna be emotional:
1. If We Stay Here
2. Only Better
3. Everything I Made
4. Is It So Hard
5. Hold It Together
6. It's Gone
7. How Long
8. Who Says
9. Hope, Dreams
10. Want You
11. The Bitter End
*Beavis and Butt-head sounds* for track 4. You could take one title's word and exchange it for another to create a classic Mesh track. My favorite album is still "Original 91-93"... many good tracks on that one.

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