Monday, April 20, 2009

RSS Roundup and it's getting interesting

It's so hot, I'm lethargic. I can hardly conjure the energy to type. I made a typo on twitter. It's historically / normally 69F on this date. Today, it hit 99F.
Browsing through my RSS feeds, I came across some interesting posts:

>> Head over to & sign up for an instant new free song. "Angela" is available and it's got Steve Albini producing. I spotted this deal on

>> I'm a Vaselines fan, and I spotted this announcement about a re-issue on rocksellout.

>> NME reviews Depeche Mode's new "sounds of the universe" in a paragraph ending a bad reference (They don’t always get the balance right between new and old, but this suggests...") Read it all here.

>> Drowned in Sound is doing a Shoegaze week. There's in introduction here. I enjoyed this interview with Mark Gardner of Ride. I'd skip the comments section. Why does it seem like Brits are meaner or more hateful in their comments than other English speaking countries? Just an observation and only applies to music discussions. I mean, the c-word is taboo here, but there, it just flies. What is their c-word?

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