Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

I turned 38 last Thursday. Heading into the weekend, I was not sure how I'd feel about this aging thing. I certainly don't feel 38...more like 28. I took time off work and carved out a 4 day weekend for myself. I had lunch with a friend I grew up with (best mates since 1981). I received several texts and a few emails and I was touched to hear from so many friends and family. I wonder if all this attention is because my wife abandoned me and people are sorry. Then again, it could be the great parties and dinners I have thrown for my birthday these years past. Perhaps it's a tradition or some sort of strong impression on my friends and family after so many celebrations. I've always created a "Birthday Weekend" for myself. From age 14 to about 25, I attended the gaming convention at LAX. I think the Internet has lessened the value of game conventions for me.
Friday, I watched "The Wrestler" and discretely wiped tears the whole time. I always loved Mickey Rourke and seeing him cry is just so believable. He was a class act at the Oscars tonight, to boot.
Saturday, I stayed in and ran around Middle-Earth, with my Hobbit (Gernric, on Brandywine). I had been away from LOTRO and I was so excited to have finally made it into the Mines of Moria! Take that , Watcher. Cheers! My Kinship even had birthday wishes for me!
Today (Sunday), I spent time in Loma Linda, a town about 110 miles from San Diego. I lived there in the '90's. My close friend and his new wife hosted their first board game get-together. DG and NG hosted DK, CM and myself. Us boys ended up playing Dominion for five rounds. We had a bunch of other games lined up to play (Ra, Bang!, Dragon Land, Bohanza, Kronos, Through The Desert, Aladdin's Dragons and more) but Dominion was such a hit, we couldn't stop re-playing it! We each won one round, and I forgot who won the 5th game. If you like card games, I highly recommend Dominion.
I was surprised with a layer cake and it even read "DJ Talbot" and had some music notes and heavy frosting! Yummy! It was a great Birthday Weekend. I drove home to some great tunes. I don't get to listen to entire albums in one sitting often, so it was a treat to fully explore the new Dido "Safe Trip Home" , and then CSS "Donkey" , Kie The Vez "Non-Binary", M83 "Saturday=Youth", and Zeigeist "Jade Motel" and even some Emiliana Torrini and Juliana Hatfield "How To Walk Away". I only wish NRT was with us. Pics coming soon!

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