Thursday, February 5, 2009

Infected Eye

Gross. My eye is infected or perhaps it's the eye-lid. Not sure, but my right eye is swollen and red and it looks like I got punched. It waters and runs if I pay it any attention. Shh....
So, I missed out on some things this past week (a.m. Vibe at the Casbah and L.A. Riots at On Broadway). Wahhh. It's been a good time to listen to music and stay in. I drifted back to some old stuff. The new Travis has me re-listening to the old Travis. That led me to listen to some Trash Can Sinatras which led me back to The Go Betweens.

I've been digging the new Cowboy X single "Break Me." You can listen to it on their myspace page. The video for their last single "Japanese Toy" has been completed and is also on their page.

Cloudberry Records will release a new single by Hari and Aino on February 15th. The track is titled "A Considerate Kind of Home" and can be downloaded here.

The lovely Anneli Drecker (of Bel Canto and solo fame) has posted on her blog, after what seems like years! Read it here. She's singing on R√∂yksopp´s new album on three tracks! Joy!

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