Sunday, February 8, 2009

C**cks and Fannies? Chillcast!

It's Sunday and I had designs on this Like Sugar Blog in the past. Such ideas as "Cover Me On Friday", where I intended to post links to mp3s of cover songs and "Sunday Driver", where I would post what's on my ipod (really, my Best Buy brand mp3 media player. I'd never buy an ipod, after all.)
Well, I got nailed with a take-down letter for posting mp3s and I really don't think people care what's on my generic ipod. It's mostly podcasts of talk radio anyway!
Seriously, Anji Bee has a new podcast up. She's the singer from Lovespirals and she is the mistress (as opposed to master) of "chill out" music with a fine sense of the alternative.
Hear it here. She has the smoothest voice out there. Do you agree?

*EDIT: Title was "C**ks and Fannies? Chillcast"; corrected typo. I don't think HTML works in the title, so no strikethrough.

1 comment:

anjibee said...

awwww.... thanks for the plug baby! isn't "c**cks and fannies" the absolute best for cheering up? and it sounds like you needed some cheering up... can't believe you got a cease & desist, man!

let me let you in on my secret, go join ioda promonet as a blogger and then you can legally post any of the songs they provide - which is quite the plethora!


ps - i've got a number of lovespirals songs you can post so get in touch. :)