Friday, February 20, 2009

EBM/Future pop Helektro/Terror EBM Noize/total chaos

My old friend, DJ Narcolept, sent me an update detailing some new content on his Faction-6 media project. Read on:

Hello Everyone! As I am working on the new website, I thought I would bless all of you patient listeners with new content.

For this episode of Midnight Mass, we embark on a journey into the most
secretive and depraved underworlds of society. You will be led from the
most glorious heights of the human race, (EBM/Future pop) into a
gradual downward spiral through darkness and desolation,
(Helektro/Terror EBM) until our final destination, the abyss.
(Noize/total chaos)

Episode 4 of DJ Count's Midnight Mass:

1 - Beloved - VNV Nation
2 - Someday I'll Find You - Decence
3 - Faces (WHS Remix) - NamNamBulu
4 - Wonder - Culture Kulture
5 - Unter der Linden (Club Version) - Heimataerde
6 - Never Ending Lie - Supreme Court featuring Feindflug
7 - Cmon Devil - X-Fusion
8 - Dead Culture (Endzeit Mix By KrachMaschine) - Acylum
9 - No More Room In Hell - [x]-Rx
10 - Catatonic Dreams (C/A/T Rmx) - Sam
11 - 100% Eletronik - FabrikC
12 - The Rogue Pair (V.1) - C/A/T
13 - Sponge Octopus - Merzbow

Thank you for your emails and patience as Faction-6 gets rolling again. I
hope this comes as a tasty treat to hold you off for a little longer. I am looking for a mid February date to get officially back up and running.

DJ Narcolept
Faction-6 Program Director


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