Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Your Depeche Mode Season Pass on iTunes

The first iTunes Season Music Pass will be available for our beloved Depeche Mode! The new album drops on ?? and is titled "Sounds of the Universe". Billboard has more info here.

morrissey-solo.com has a post listing Morrissey's "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" entering the UK charts at 21. The post says "That's his worst performing lead-off single since Dagenham Dave in 1995 and his second worst performing single of the decade, only "All You Need Is Me" did worse (number 24)."
By the way, Morrissey's "Dagenham Dave" is a cover of The Stangler's original. I guess that either helped the single...or wrecked it...I mean, I know some aged punks and most hate Morrissey and couple adore him. Why am I saying anything about this? Well, I grew up knowing little about Punk, then spent the 1990's hating it because shitty bands were labeled "punk"...and now I have a brother, in his 20's, who has lived a punk life-style and knows everything about the genre. He's exposed me to so many talented artists and I now have a real appreciation for what art there is in punk rock.

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