Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy lucky frEE

What, am I a teen again? Some of my posts are silly and I know it. Can't take myself too seriously. Seems people can relate to the lyrics I post on occasion. It's a "Hey, I think that way too" thing. Funny thing is, someone else expressed their feelings and wrote a song about it. I just copy-pasted the text of it. Reading is somehow a different experience than hearing the words. I use the blog as a journal of sorts. Best part is that I have no clue who is reading regularly. I guess that doesn't matter, as I'd say what I say to one person the same as I'd say it to 2,191,971 people. There's a hint in that number. Aging over here.

I am off to Los Angeles tomorrow to see De/Vision. A dream come true. Well, really, I never dreamed of seeing them live, but it's dream show. One of the best of the genre, to be sure. De/Vision, Wolfsheim, Mesh and Anything Box set the synthpop standard.


I'm staring out into that vacuum again
From the back porch of my mind
The only thing that's alive
I'm all there is

And I start attacking my vodka, stab the ice with my straw
My eyes have turned red as stoplights, you seem ready to walk
You know I'll call you eventually, when I wanna talk
'Til then you're invisible.

'Cause theres a switch that gets hit and it all stops making sense
And in the middle of drinks, maybe the fifth or the sixth
I'm completely alone at a table of friends
I feel nothing for them. I feel nothing, nothing

Well, I need a break from the city again
I think I'll ship myself back west
I got a friend there, she says, "hey, any time."
Unless that offers expired, I have been less than frequent
she's under no obligation to indulge every whim
And I'm so ungrateful, I take, she gives and forgives
And I keep forgetting it

And each morning she wakes with a dream to describe
Something lovely that bloomed in her beautiful mind
I said "I'll trade you one for two nightmares of mine
I have some where I die, I have some where we all die."

I'm thinking of quitting drinking again
I know i said that a couple times
And I'm always changing my mind, well, i guess i am
But theres this burn in my stomach and theres this pain in my side
And when I kneel at the toilet
And the mornings clean light pours in through the window
Sometimes I pray I don't die
I'm a goddamn hypocrite

But the night rolls around and it all starts making sense
There is no right way or wrong way, you just have to live
And so I do what I do and at least I exist
What could mean more than this?
What would mean more?
Mean more?

-Bright Eyes

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