Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trying to be a blog

Some music I am looking into:

Joy Revision - The live tribute to Joy Division
Did ya know, the actors in the film "Control" actually played the music in the movie? They sounded dead-on, no pun intended.

Starcrossed - New Album!
I heard from front-man Mark that they are finishing recording a new album. I will try to wrest some details from him. This is one act that has mastered several genres of rock and I cannot believe they haven't been picked-up by the Big Labels yet.

DJ Talbot - Like Sugar Popcast 12 -
Yep, that's me. I should be finishing it right now, but why listen to old music when I can hear so much new stuff? Besides, I have to script it more. I plan to give the show more dimension by describing the Like Sugar Control Room (aka studio.) I want listeners to tune in and have a story of sorts to follow.
See the new mevio Like Sugar location.

Levy - Glorious
As I cannot stop listening to "Rotten Love", I figured Levy's newest single might capture my heart.

Biker Boy
Biker Boy - a new track is available for download. "Chanson de juillet" comes in two versions, a master and a Mr. Pedro Remix. I love French vocals, so I am inclined to like this song! Is that a sax in the mix? Oh-so-early 80's! Boy-girl vocal always attract me as well. Now, all I need to hear is chimes and bells and I'd be in Heaven.

Santogold - Hmmm... style is all over the place. Track 4 is MIA and Track 5 is a good Siouxsie Sioux....earlier tracks had the aroma of ska. Hated the cover of the CD, as many reviewers have also noted. I'm A Lady (feat. Trouble Andrew) is my favorite track, followed by "Anne" which has an almost Cure-like dark music background with more Siouxsie-esque vocals. The remix at the end is a remix of the worst song on the album ("You'll Find A Way"). As I type this, I have to stop and hit stop on my WinAmp player. Awful remix!

And, now, here's Morrissey walking a dog; I have yet to see Moz look bad in a photo.

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DJ Talbot said...

My younger brother has identified the dog breed for me: "stradford brindle boxer,adult ez" he writes.