Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apoptygma Berserk announce new album

Did I already post this? Sorry for repeating.
Then again, some things are worth saying twice!

Apop is one of the acts I will always follow, no matter how the sound changes, no matter how popular. God knows, I spent a small fortune in the 1990's on their imports. I actually met someone while discussing Apop...and it was a nice, albeit short relationship. Now that I think about relationships, I met someone over a Ministry discussion (I was an ass and asked "Do you listen to Ministry or are you just wearing the shirt?") That relationship was not so good. She moved in with me in 3 weeks and well, I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

As some of you have already heard, there will be a new album and it has a name already now, the new album will be called ROCKET SCIENCE!

You can see ROCKET SCIENCE LIVE with a great new show, some hidden treasures and instant classics here:

29.10.2008 Bremen, Schlachthof

30.10.2008 Hamburg, Markthalle
31.10.2008 Hannover, Capitol
01.11.2008 Krefeld, Kulturfabrik
04.11.2008 Köln, Live Music Hall
05.11.2008 Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen
06.11.2008 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
07.11.2008 Karlsruhe, Substage
08.11.2008 Erfurt, Stadtgarten
09.11.2008 Stuttgart, Longhorn
11.11.2008 Mainz, KUZ
12.11.2008 Heidelberg, Halle O2
13.11.2008 CH-Zürich, Abart
14.11.2008 A-Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm
15.11.2008 A-Wien, Szene
17.11.2008 München, Backstage Werk
18.11.2008 Augsburg, Spectrum
19.11.2008 Nürnberg, Hirsch
20.11.2008 Berlin, Columbiaclub
21.11.2008 Dresden, Reithalle
22.11.2008 Magdeburg, Factory

Tickets are available NOW, for more news and updates go to our website www.theapboffice.com.

If you'd like to prepare for our live shows you can download the remastered edition of APBL2000 that finally is available now on iTunes (besides "Unicorn"), and we hope to see you at ROCKET SCIENCE LIVE in autumn!

Get the latest news, live dates and information about APOPTYGMA BERZERK on WWW.THEAPBOFFICE.COM

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