Thursday, July 31, 2008

OMG I am going out!

Yes. I have found the sand to do it! I will find my the A.C. Lounge tonight to meet with a promoter about a new DJ gig. I will also be there to support DJ Edgartronic and May of MayStar. I will have pics taken to prove it happened. My outfit is awful. If I had flip-flops on, I'd be soooo Jack Jackson....I have a horrible tan, over-grown hair and a shirt with swirlies and birds. The nose ring, fruity rocker white belt and Doc's should make up for the non-night-club lack of style. Also, I have pepper spray and fast feet. This non dive bar among dive bars / clubs has been targeted of late....and to think I DJ'd across the street at Kadan a couple years ago! It was never this dangerous. I certainly walked alone after 2 am with my records and CDs. I guess I was lucky.

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