Friday, July 11, 2008

Cover Me On Friday - What? What?

Cougar and Snail rockin' my house tonight!

I came across a couple new covers over the past 2 weeks, but they were sub-par. Bad, as in not good. Cringe-worthy. Since I dislike bashing bands, I won't mention the losers. Maybe Scarlett Johansson just turned me off to covers for the time being. So, in acknowledgment of the fact that many covers are horrible, let's just skip it this week, shall we?

Have some fun with Potty Mouth Sissys until I post something more arty-farty. As a big-ass fan since the Mental Disorder track was released on 21st Circuitry's Cold-wave Break, I can say these guys are the next big thing from the Detroit. D' Moon and Ryan B are number one, so you betta run!


Morrow said...

Hi there - I recently started listening to Like Sugar and adore's lately become more difficult to find good music, as I'm not plugged into the resources anymore. I appreciate your taste and discernment, willingness to experiment, and diversity of choices. Thanks again - Morrow

DJ Talbot said...

Thank-you. Your kind comment defines exactly why I continue to "be into bands". Every time I start to mix something, I wonder if I am getting too old for this. Again, thanks so much. -Eric