Monday, June 23, 2008

One of my favorites!

If you read or monitor my blog, I want to be sure to share the bands that are closest to my heart. Firstly, please look into Trembling Blue Stars. The "small world" thing happened to me...
I loved this band for some time, and then I discovered an old friend joined the band as a vocalist! I was overjoyed!

Bobby Wratten - guitar, vocals
Keris Howard - bass
Beth Arzy - vocals
Jonathan Akerman - drums, percussion

Currently available:
From LTM records:
"Her Handwriting" & "Lips That Taste Of Tears"
From Shinkansen Recordings, Elefant Records and Sub Pop:
"Broken By Whispers".
From Shinkansen Recordings and Sub Pop:
"Alive To Every Smile".
From Shinkansen Recordings and Elefant Records:
"A Certain Evening Light"
From Elefant Records and Bar-None:
"The Seven Autumn Flowers".
From Elefant Records:
"The Last Holy Writer".

From Shinkansen:
"The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss"
From Elefant Records:
"Southern Skies Appear Brighter", "Bathed In Blue" and "Exploring The Shadows".

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