Friday, June 13, 2008



A new CD from Kie The Vez is out! I am moving this week, so I guess I am being lazy about's what A Different Drum says about "Non-Binary" from Kie The Vez (a name taken from Emilio Eztevez and Keanu Reeves):
After two albums and several singles released in the synthpop underground of the 90's, Kiethevez faded from the spotlight. But they never stopped writing and recording quality, intelligent pop music, and now that music comes to light with the NON-BINARY album. The music is more mature and intricate than ever, with top notch, melancholy vocals and a blend of electronic programing with other instruments. In the case of Kiethevez, they've definitely saved the best for last! Don't miss out on one of the best releases of 2008, for fans of synthpop as well as fans of all quality pop music.

Tracklist: (hear a sample of each track at A Different Drum)

1. One world for the next
2. A million days
3. M
4. End of a bright night
5. How are we doing today
6. Non compos mentis
7. Niamh
8. Always a boy
9. Three
10. Be alone together
11. 26

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