Monday, June 17, 2013

New Arcades: Take A Breath video just released (synthpop)

In what might be a blog-premiere, I give you the new video for the New Arcades song "Take A Breath". I sat on YouTube all morning to try and post it first, but they decided to use Vimeo instead! If you haven't heard New Arcades beyond this video, be sure to visit them on YouTube.

New Arcades: Take a Breath // Official Music Video from Rebecca Gravil on Vimeo.

"New Arcades are Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan, a duo inspired by nostalgic memories of 80s cinema and vintage synth sounds. Taking those feelings and bringing them into a contemporary production setting, New Arcades craft something that at once feels both excitingly fresh, and comfortable like an old friend. The soundtrack to hazy memories you never had and the intensity of right now, New Arcades bring passion and heart to the retro sounds of SynthWave."

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