Sunday, June 16, 2013

Editors and the Wait for Selebrities

 photo Editors-Weightstandard1_zps4d4bcfb1.jpg

Editors are back and they've got a video in the style I like (looks like they are recording the song). As I have said a million times: "Don't read the comments." Some idiot compared them to Fleet Foxes...what?

Just can't wait for the new Selebrities album. It "drops" on June 25, 2013. I really don't think I have heard a bad song from them (and they covered The Monster Mash!). The single "Lovers" employs some real heart-tugging something. I think it might the percussion that brings me to the first half of the 80's. It might be the bottle of wine I discovered today. It was under the passenger seat of my car. Not sure how long it was there. It did taste a little funky, so I mixed it with a new bottle purchased today.

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