Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Gloom and Bloom

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry. I am still here. There was a time when a quarter of my posts came from submissions. Now, I only post things I have found on my own. The PR machines can be way off in their submissions. I often scratch my head, wondering why the hell I would want to hear music that doesn't fit in with what this blog is about.

Here's a fine indiepop tune that has me anticipating more from the Dufflecoat Records band:

As a reader and now watcher of (A) Game of Thrones, I was mildly amused to find there is an Aussie band called Greyjoy. The two tracks I have heard are quite good, so give them a listen:

An internet friend of mine sent me this lovely track. Guess he knew I'd love it:

So, what else is worth acquiring? I have loaded a nice blend of albums on my iPod: Still Corners "Strange Pleasures", The Pastels "Slow Summits", Camera Obscura "Desire Lines", Wild Nothing "Empty Estate (ep)" and Feathers "If All Here Now". Still can't get into Hurts "Exile" or Indians "Somewhere Else" and I am struggling with Chapel Club "Good Together".

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