Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Arcades (Synth) + Big Wave Riders + Scanners

New Arcades sent me this nice new one to post for you synth-lovers. His voice is as important to the track as the lush music. Rare these days, for this genre. Fans of Iris should enjoy this one.

I am happy to hear and share this track from Big Wave Riders. It's not available to embed at this time, so head to Soundcloud to hear it or watch the video. I think it's got a nice 90's sound to it.

OK, I have 701 unread messages addressed to this blog. Rather than read them all, I will randomly pick one and, if it's good stuff, I'll post it today. Here we go:

Not bad! Scanners has a video for "Control" here. I like this... so I'll have to check out more from them.

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