Friday, February 25, 2011

This Post Has No Glasvegas Links. None, Zero, Nada.

As I predicted, I received a bu11sh*t "DMCA Takedown Notice" for posting a video of Glasvegas. I guarantee you, the record label requests the takedown without reading or examining the content. I read about this happening with any blog that mentioned the band when their first album came out.
So, sorry Glasvegas, you get no exposure to new listeners from me. I can't see how posting a video that your record company posted legally under the username "glasvegasVEVO's Channel" is a bad thing for you in any way. The embedding option was not disabled at the time I reposted the video. As I type this, the share option is still providing code for Blogger.
In the end, I understand that Blogger is a free service and I make the choice to use it. Sony needs to look at the intent and the content!

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Anonymous said...

All the more reason to just stick with bands on independent labels. The major labels are lawsuit happy