Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Latest Podcast is Available

You can stream or download the mp3 (70.3 MB, 61 minutes) for free from zshare here.
I mixed this differently for this one. Instead of clumping genres in mini-sets, I spread the music-categories throughout the hour. So, for example: synthpop is heard at the beginning and then more post-punk bits and then back to some synthpop. I sacrifice any sort of mood-building, but I think arrangement will hold people's interest.

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Like Sugar 36 - DJ Talbot

01 - De/ Vision - Easy T0 Love Me
02 - C ut C0py - Blink And Y0u'll Miss A Rev0luti0n
03 - V i0lens - Acid Reign
04 - K id Kasi0 - Not F0r Turning
05 - M urder Mystery - Change My Mind
06 - C hapel Club - Surfacing
07 - T he Cure - T0 The Sky
08 - A ll0, Darlin' - Dreaming
09 - G lasvegas - The W0rld Is Y0urs
10 - T he Veils - The Letter
11 - T win Shad0w - For N0w
12 - H 00verph0nic - N0rwegian Stars
13 - P hant0gram - When I'm Small
14 - C hristian Kjellvander and Lise Westzynthius - Hand In Gl0ve


Laura said...

I always enjoy your popcasts. I'm an avid listener.

DJ Talbot said...

Thank-you, Laura!