Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Skint

I tried to sell off some more CDs yesterday (for food and fuel, mind you) and not a single one was accepted. I was paid today for some past-due work, so, in a way, I'm glad I did not sell-off any treasured items. Some CDs were $18-$22 back in the day. Sucks to get $2 to $5 for them. Then again, many of the CDs have been re-released "digitally remastered", so the loss could be replaced. I don't even listen to CDs anymore. I rip them onto the computer and listen to VBR .mp3s (no, not FLACs, I am not that into it). If I DJ, I use copies to avoid scratching the originals. That's a lesson hard-learned, as most of my originals are super-scratched.

I DID NOT offer-up my Portishead "Cowboys" 180?(it's heavy, ok?)-gram vinyl:

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