Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Go! Team and I Sold Them For Cash

I'm a fan of The Go! Team and I'm happy to see there's more to come from them. Below is a taste:
Buy Nothing Day by threeminutesthirtyseconds

I made a rash move last night and struck out for my local record store with my road case in hand. I sold $25 (that's 18.8520 EUR / 171.868 SEK / 15.8209 GBP!!) worth of CDs (and one DVD: Massive Attack. It was a collection of videos now made useless by youtube. One could argue the packaging had value, but one would be a moron: this DVD came in a clear case with no art whatsoever. Just a parental advisory sticker).

Like Sugar podcast #35 is ready, but the voice bits aren't recorded. I hate doing them. If I do a show with no voice, there's always someone that comment that they wish they were there. To me, it's about the music. Who needs some sleepy voice saying what band is next up? I guess some listeners appreciate the 2.5 facts I throw in per episode.

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