Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hooverphonic: "The Night Before"


I am about to sit down and listen to Hooverphonic's "The Night Before". The cover is very 80's. I hope that doesn't turn new listeners away from this wonderful band!


1. Anger Never Dies (3:30)
2. The Night Before (2:48)
3. Heartbroken (2:47)
4. Norwegian Stars (3:09)
5. More (2:36)
6. One Two Three (3:00)
7. George's Cafe (3:49)
8. Identical Twin (2:38)
9. Encoded Love (3:28)
10. How Can You Sleep (3:50)
11. Sunday Afternoon (3:25)
12. Danger Zone (3:06)

1 comment:

DJ Talbot said...

After a couple listens, I can say this is not a bad release... but it does sound like a bunch of b-sides. There is nothing new here. The same sound bank is mined here and I think some tracks are way too close to earlier material.