Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Radio Dept. "Clinging to a scheme" released

Labrador Records says "The long wait is finally over! The Radio Dept’s ”Clining to a scheme” is without doubt this year’s most eagerly anticipated Swedish indie pop album. It’s been four long years, but a simple press on Play and you’ll know it’s been worth every second.

“Clinging to a scheme” combines the best components from their previous albums “Lesser matters” and “Pet grief” with soul guitars, P-funk, cut/paste-beats and 70’s futuristic orchestra. Breathtaking!

15 Euros including freight anywhere in the world."

Track listing
1. Domestic Scene
2. Heaven's on fire (download free .mp3)
3. This Time Around
4. Never Follow Suit
5. A Token Of Gratitude
6. The Video Dept.
7. Memory Loss
8. David
9. Four Months In The Shade
10. You Stopped Making Sense

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