Friday, September 4, 2009

Holiday in USA

It's a 3 day weekend here in the USA!
Friday seems to be the day I am flooded with music announcements of all sorts. It could also be that I don't pay as much attention during the week and I relax and forget about my business on Fridays. Self-employment can become a 7 day a week thing, so I also force some time off to maintain the tenuous grasp I have on the real world.

Color Theory has a real stunner at Fresh material and very subtle. I love it. Brian takes electronic music further than could be expected. He adds a human warm to what some think has no soul.

My inbox has a nice surprise track by Morgan Page: "Page is ready to debut his latest single "Fight For You", from the all new full-length albumset for release Spring 2010. The track is yet another display of Morgans skilled use of driving synth lines and vocal harmonies that glides through pulsing four-to-the floor beats. The sneak preview dropped yesterday here.

Sad news, Echo and the Bunnymen keyboardist (after 1989) Jake Drake-Brockman Dies. Read the article here.

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