Friday, September 18, 2009

9 1/2 Days

Posts here are becoming infrequent. With the mainstreaming of twitter, I think micro blogs like mine are less relevant. I am not writing about my personal life or even much about my own opinions. The most I will say is "I like this or that".

I think my podcast is also getting lost in the landslide of available digital music. Not sure I want to continue doing it if there is no audience! Mix "tapes" will always be something I do. 25 years of making them in a few formats...can't see myself stopping now. I love sharing new music and re-living old stuff.

Elegant Machinery fans (synthpop) can hear vocalist Robert Enforsen sing on this track (hear it on youtube, buy it via A Different Drum). ADD has a cool video with more vocals in Russian.

I really like this song that found its way into my inbox. Tonight, I thought I'd look for a video. I was pleasantly surprised! The video reminds me of when music videos told a story. Loving this one:

I have a new mix that features a few repeats from my regular podcast. I guess I can share it now, since it dropped a few days ago (for one specific friend). Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Get it here.


marshal said...

I for one hope you keep up the podcast! You do a great job with it. Sure there is lots of digital music available to download but I have limited time to check it out and find what I like. Thanks!

DJ Talbot said...

Thanks SO very much Marshal. I did not think about the time factor. I guess I see a lot of tweets that cover so much of what I like and then I think why bother to repeat and be unoriginal.