Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I don't want to

I know this was written and sung with tongue-in-cheek, but, well, I guess I live a tongue in cheek thought-life. These past two weeks have been a killer for me and I wish I was a lifeless robot. I can't say I was ever happier than the time I was married and I am being a pussy. Be that as it may, there was nothing better than being in love and I can't imagine meeting anyone more perfect than Naomi.

The Magnetic Fields - I don't want to get over you
I don't want to get over you. I guess I could take
a sleeping pill and sleep at will and not have to
go through what I go through. I guess I should take
Prozac, right, and just smile all night at somebody new,
Somebody not too bright but sweet and kind who would
try to get you off my mind. I could leave this agony behind
which is just what I'd do if I wanted to, but I don't
want to get over you cause I don't want to get over love.
I could listen to my therapist, pretend you don't exist
and not have to dream of what I dream of; I could listen
to all my friends and go out again and pretend it's enough,
or I could make a career of being blue--I could dress
in black and read Camus, smoke clove cigarettes and drink
vermouth like I was 17 that would be a scream but I
don't want to get over you.


SeparationTheory said...

Dude (and I don't use that word lightly), you don't get enough comments. Seriously. Frankly, I'm not the commenting type, but I just listened to about 5 hours straight of Like Sugar and I'm hooked so I'm commenting you. The Magnetic Fields lyrics you quoted in this blog entry are just so...perfect. I'm not bold enough to say that I know how you feel, but I know the direction your coming from. To paraphrase one of my favorite movies (well, it was a book first but I digress), "Do I listen to pop music because I'm sad, or am I sad because I listen to pop music?" Sorry for the long comment and happy new year to you.

DJ Talbot said...

Thank-you. Comments are what keep me going. I would have stopped Like Sugar long ago, if not for the kind remarks and encouragement!