Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something Had To Give: goodbye Indie mp3?

With the end of the year approaching, I have been alerted to several blogs that are closing down or completely changing their focus. Some of these blogs are in no way related to what I do here, so I can't see the point of listing them.
One blog that is joining the digital dustbin (God, that was awful writing) has been a big influence and source of new music for me: Indie mp3.

They explain themselves thusly:
An indie pop webzine reviewing albums, gigs and singles as well as seeking out and championing new indie pop bands and labels (2001-2008)
Indie MP3 started out in 2001 which a weekly download from my indie pop collection. There were no other indie pop sites out there (not that I could see anyway). A blog was added in 2003 and the site transformed itself into a fully fledged review site in 2004.
Indie MP3 merged with Lost Music in 2006 which saw gig promotion, club nights and the launch of our own record label. A CDR label is to follow in 2009 alongside our residencies at London's Gramaphone and Enterprise venues. This all means something had to give and indie mp3 folded in December 2008.

I've read a few posts about this sad loss and I think the best one is here.

Geeze, this has made this song embed itself into my mind tonight. Too much "alternative" radio while working retail in the 1990s has me shell-shocked.

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